TiVo for Your Life: Looxcie Is a Tiny, Wearable Video Camcorder

Looxcie - Bluetooth Headset Camera

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Fast Company likens it to “TiVo for life”. Looxcie (as in “look see” – get it?) is a wearable Bluetooth HVGA video camcorder that records anytime, anywhere whenever it’s turned on. Imagine being able to relive every waking moment of your travels – the sunsets, the morning showers, the daily interactions with locals in that language you still don’t understand.

How it works:

Since the device is constantly on and recording to a temporary storage buffer, one must only hit the “Instant Clip” button, and the last 30-seconds of footage is automatically saved to your Android, and soon BlackBerry and iPhone. What you see is what you record.

What’s more, using the Looxcie app, video clips can be instantly shared via email, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. It’s the camcorder for the social media age–a device that captures tweet-size video which can immediately be uploaded online. And in case the last 30 seconds wasn’t enough, users can always grab up to the last hour of footage through using the Looxcie app.

Via FastCompany.com

My first reaction is, “Why would one need this?” But, I have to admit, it’s pretty damn cool. At just under $200, I have to imagine there’s a niche market out there for this. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if someday such devices are as common places as standard Bluetooth headsets.

A sample clip:

Founding Editor
  1. Wow- technology is catching up to my dreams! I have always wished I could take instant still pictures of things I see (when I don’t have a camera in hand)- this is about as close as it gets!
    I can imagine some seriously cool uses for this kind of thing!

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