P&O Cruises Oceana Ship in the Caribbean

The Life Changing Power of a World Cruise

Cruises are great ways to see new parts of the world and experience an eclectic taste of different cultures and landscapes. They also offer the opportunity for unrivalled relaxation, with fine dining, exceptional entertainment and attentive service all on board a lavish vessel from whose luxury cabins you can listen to the gentle sounds of the waves as you drift off to sleep each night.

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P&O Cruises Oceana Ship in the Caribbean

But whilst all these things make cruises ideal for annual family holidays and romantic honeymoons, and allow tourists to get a taste for more than just one destination during their holidays, they alone do not capture the powerful effect that a world cruise can have on an individual’s life. Those people who opt to go beyond the standard holiday cruise, and instead take the time out of their ordinary routines to go on a world cruise, are bound not just to enjoy the fun and relaxation that comes as standard – but also to have a completely life-changing experience that will forever alter the way they view and interact with the world.

Extended Travel

The first and most obvious factor to consider with world cruises is that they are more than just holidays in the modern sense of the word: they have much more in common with the traditional ‘Grand Tour’ style vacations undertaken by those of sufficient social status and financial means in bygone centuries. They require a greater investment of time, usually lasting for between 90 and 120 days, and so travellers are away from home for long enough to gain a true sense of perspective – and experience a radical sense of freedom.

And because the ships are so luxurious and the lifestyle so grand, spending this amount of time on a cruise ship offers guests the opportunity to really experience the celebrity lifestyle, and come to fully refine their appreciation of the finer things in life.

Broad Horizons

Even those with sufficient financial security and lifestyle freedom to consider the option of a world cruise often find themselves troubled by the feeling that they haven’t fully experienced the things they need to in life – and that the wide world is still as immense and unfathomable to them as it always has been.

The antidote to such a feeling cannot be acquired in any one given place: it requires the sense of holism that can only be gained by moving from one place to the next, and experiencing first hand the interconnected nature of the lands we inhabit and the lives we lead.

In this sense, a world cruise is much more than just a holiday: it is an investment in yourself. It is an experience that few others will ever have, and which serves as the most powerful remedy to world-weariness, prejudice and fear of the unknown that money can buy. So if you’re looking to reassess your priorities and learn more about the world around you and yourself, head off on a world cruise and discover a side to life you never knew existed.

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