Let Strangers Drive Your Car

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The Ivy League minds behind a start-up company want to rent your car to strangers while you’re on holiday. What could possibly go wrong?

Though it’s tempting to write FlightCar off as a hare-brained scheme, one must remember that lots of things that seemed like totally crazy ideas at first are now commonplace. The company’s founders hope to change the paradigm around what people do with their vehicles while they are away. When you think about it, leaving a car parked at the airport is a monumental waste of resources.

FlightCar promises to insure your vehicle to the hilt, guaranteed free airport parking, valet car service to drop you off at the terminal, free gas, and your car will be cleaned before it is returned to you. The service is currently only available in San Francisco, but I’m curious to see how it turns out. If folks are willing to rent out their homes on sites like Airbnb, why not cars too? Maybe a generation from now people will be bewildered that airport parking ever existed. Or perhaps it really is a crazy idea.

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