Just Shoulder Your Pack And Take Off …

Over on the BootsNAll.com forums, Piecar reminds us that:

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There are people who …

Don’t want a condominium.Don’t care about the new IKEA catalogue. Don’t want a fancy car. Don’t need stability. Don’t want to have familiar things around them. Can’t stand monotony. Hate the question “How Are You?” Hate the idea of seeing the same thing every day. Know that they are not meant to stay in one place. Do not desire a secure job. Never toe the company line. Realize that there is more world out there than they can ever see. Want to see every bit of that unattainable world. Chafe under any bit of harness that their lifestyle puts upon them. Knows that they can be more. Knows that they can be more TODAY!!! Feels squashed by the people around them who say that there is no other way. Know that there is another way, but can’t seem to find it. Can see the other way, but can’t seem to get there. Strive to get to another world, but cannot let go of the old one. Say what they mean. Like to listen to a confusing story. Never back down. Know there is ALWAYS ANOTHER ROAD. Think money is a means and not the end. Hate the idea of uninformed affluence. Can decide that they need a big change. Can accept that they were wrong. Can be right and STILL be wrong. Can realize that they are going the WRONG way. Throw everything to the wind, not afraid of how things will shake out. Have had things shake out bad, and STILL think that this is the right thing to do. Have taken a retarded risk. Have embraced a retarded risk without backpedaling. Welcomed a thrown punch as a Rite Of Passage. Entered into a situation, smelling a con, but trying to work it. Can go the RIGHT way, and then decide to go another way. Stood up, when every fibre of your being said “Sit Down”. Said “NO!! when they wanted you to say “Yes.” Looked down a rough looking street and saw experience and not a knife in your kidneys. Love their backpack. passed up on the fucking museum. Were not wishy washy to the tout. took a guy up on a possibly shifty proposition. Had a backup plan if things went south. Hung their ass out there, and got ready to fight. spent too much money on a local kid, and never got the thing they wanted because of it. Knew they got worked…..and took every bit of it in stride. Never thought that settling down was the right thing to do. Decided that they were a traveller, and that was all there was to it. Shouted “I am A Traveller” to their friends. and then shouldered their pack and took off.

Stop being a consumer. Stop worrying what normal is. And wondering whether or not you should put your life on hold to fulfill your dreams. Just freakin’ do it. Life is indeed too short.

Founding Editor
  1. Jeeze, I need to spend more time on your site. Every time I come here I find something inspiring that shakes me out of whatever blue funk I’m in. Thanks a lot for this. Dammit I’m going to go get on an airplane!

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