Japanese Scarecrows Predictably Weird, Creepy

© Tokyo Times

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This gallery came as somewhat of a surprise to us. Nothing in our experience had prepared us for a Japanese product that was weird or creepy or lifelike or weird and creepy and lifelike all at the same time. So we didn’t really have a framework for understanding this story from the Tokyo Times, about the at turns impressive and at turn haunting scarecrows that dot the island’s landscape. No framework at all:

Some Japanese scarecrows are… quite possibly [off-putting to] both passersby and the pests they are there to protect against. And whilst admittedly they do sometimes seem serene. They also appear sad, sullen, as well as suitably sinister. With the odd one even appearing almost semi-sentient.

We’ll give you one more cropped pic, this one of the scarecrow described as “suitably sinister.” After that we’ll send you off to the original post to see the rest of the gallery, including the creature that’s “semi-sentient.” Warm and fuzzy these things are not:

© Tokyo Times


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