In-Flight Social Network ‘Planely’ Wants to Set You Up in the Skies

Here’s a clever concept:

“Social flying revolution” is what they’re calling it, and while it hasn’t exactly reached the critical mass needed to earn the “revolution” part, Planely is gaining in active users. Here’s what happens: you go on, register some basic info about yourself, then add your upcoming fights. Planely will then let you know if another other Planely users will be on your flight or at your start and end airports, in case you’re up for some flirting, general conversation, convention gossip or just trading stock tips at 35,000 feet. You can even specify what you’d want to do, which for us is typically “sleep, work ahead on our laptop and read,” so maybe we wouldn’t be your ideal seatmate if you’re feeling chatty.

Get the full scoop via Jaunted.

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