Iceland’s Penis Museum Pulls in the Crowds

Phallological "Penis" Museum, Iceland

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First, a little word association.

I say: “Iceland.”

You say: “Penis”, right?

Of course you do. That’s because Iceland has allegedly cornered the market on phallic museums. Literally.

A penis shaped sign marks an otherwise nondescript building letting visitors know they are entering the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Husavik, about 298 miles northeast of Reykjavik. According to their website, “it is probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens.” Probably.

Inside, visitors can admire a collection of 261 well-preserved penises from 90 different species. From a 1.7 meter tall sperm whale member to a 2 mm hamster penis, they are all displayed in glass jars full of formaldehyde or mounted on walls.

The collection is the brainchild of owner Sigurdur Hjartarson, who started out with a single bull’s penis. At that time, it was an odd hobby (!) and over the years, other penises (penii?) have been added to the collection, donated by cooperative hunters and biologists.

The only species not presented in the collection is the homosapiens, although that will likely change in the future. Four men have already pledged to donate their penises to the museum to have them preserved for posterity, after their deaths. For now, the only representation of the human penis is a life size plastic mould of a 52 year old American, who is one of the prospective donors.

Interest in the museum is increasing — last summer 6000 visitors dropped by – and Hjartarson has even begun to make a profit off his collection.

  1. if you actually care, there are two correct words for the plural form of “penis.” they are “penises” and “penes.”

  2. This can’t be right – humans are “the only species not presented in the collection” but only 90 species are. Surely there are more than 90 species on Earth that have penises? I’d google it, but I just know that would turn out to be a bad idea.

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