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8 Ways Travel Can Make You a More Romantic Partner

Travel can change you in many positive ways, including making you a more romantic partner. Forget about memorising poetry books or learning to cook your partner’s favourite meal — just hit the road, get traveling and you will learn how to be as romantic as your partner could ever imagine! Here’s how:

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Knowing About Romantic Places

Romance is a bit like real estate — location, location, location. Once you’ve traveled the world a little, you’ll build up a collection of romantic places to add to whatever story you may want to tell your partner. Wherever you are, if you can describe what a moonlit night in Paris is like or explain how you spent a peaceful morning watching giraffe by a waterhole in Africa, you’ll have your partner enthralled. And promising to take them with you, or take them back there, is definitely going to win you romance brownie points.

Giving More Romantic Gifts

Exposing yourself to shopping adventures beyond your local department store will increase your options for giving gifts substantially. After discovering all the different kinds of things you can buy around the world your gift choices will become much more imaginative. You’ll have much better odds of picking exactly the right thing for your partner. Alternatively, you might have become very wise about giving gifts of experience and start providing air tickets or accommodation as gifts (and who could say no to that?).

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Sharing Great Future Dreams

If you’ve taken the opportunity to travel widely, I believe it will give you the ability to make your future dreams much more concrete — this is certainly what happened to me. If you’ve successfully navigated your way around the world once or twice (with or without your partner), they are much more likely to believe that your common dreams of sailing the Greek islands or living for a year in China are able to come true.

So many people I’ve talked to who’ve traveled extensively say the same thing — traveling far and wide makes you really believe that you can do anything. It opens all those doors that seemed to be firmly shut when you sat at home in the place where you grew up. The world’s not as big as you think, so dream large and you can do almost anything! What partner couldn’t love the romance of this attitude?

Knowing Material Things Aren’t So Valuable

It’s easy to get caught up in the “house, two cars, a bigger house, a bigger car” trap if you’re staying in your comfort zone of home and comparing yourself with your friends and neighbours. But if you do some serious traveling it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to hold on to this way of life. You will realise that all those things are nowhere near as important as you once thought.

Knowing the value of experiences over material things is likely to make you more attentive to your partner, more interested in sharing lovely experiences together (even if it’s just cooking a meal at home) rather than spending all your time working so hard just to pay off your new bigger mortgage.

Cooking Exotic Foods

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say, but as a woman I have to say pretty much the same works for me! If you pick up the ability to cook some unique and delicious foods from your travels, you’re well on your way to being a winning romancer.

A Kiss on the Steps, Rome, Italy
A Kiss on the Steps, Rome © Jon Rawlinson

Learning New Languages

Whenever you visit a foreign country, I think you owe it to the locals to learn to say at least a few words of their language. So if you pick up some language skills on your travels, you could learn to say “I love you” in numerous romantic-sounding languages!

Imagine being able to choose a different language each day of the week to whisper sweet nothings to your partner. Some say French is the language of romance so perhaps you should be concentrating your travel into French-speaking countries if you’re really keen to increase your romantic potential.

Improving Communication Skills

When you travel and interact with people from many different languages and cultures, you can’t help but improve your communication skills — you start to listen better, you stop jumping to conclusions, and you figure out alternative ways to explain things if people don’t understand. Apply these principles to your romantic relationships and you will definitely be on a winner.

Building Common Experiences

If you’re lucky enough to have already found the love of your life, and he or she is keen to go traveling with you, then this is a fantastic foundation for a long-term romance and relationship. Sure, some of the day-to-day grimy moments of travel may not be the height of romance but you won’t remember later how it was to not shower for several days on that Trans-Siberian train journey.

What you will remember is all the places you went together, funny people you met, strange things you saw — and being able to reminisce about these experiences together will bind you together in a way that not much else can.

So, if you have been worried that hitting the road might mean you could miss out on a romantic opportunity back home, forget it. On the whole, I think you’re much better off taking yourself out into the world and letting romance take its course when it’s ready. You’ll develop all these great romantic skills that you can use for the rest of your life!

  1. Great article Amanda. Definitely food for thought for us single folks. My first trip will be this spring to Grenada and Anguilla. I hope to have many stories and experiences of my own to share.

  2. As said above ,This is a great article, i have been travelling with my boyfriend for nearly a year and half now. Travelling has given us so many amazing memories and experiences we will always have together. Of coarse travelling so close with someone all the time can bring a few little fights but i always find it helps to put things in perspective and remember how much you love the person and really in the scheme of things it usually does not matter. Travelling is addictive and i’m glad i’ve set of on this adventure with a person that understands me and still loves me after my tantrums about not finding somewhere to stay or somewhere to eat in a big crazy Indian city after a 16 hour crazy bus ride haha :)

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