Eva Padberg with the German Flag

The 10 Hottest, Most Passionate and Sexually Satisfied Countries In The World

Forget wars, the World Cup, and even the Olympics. This is a post about what really matters.

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Eva Padberg with the German Flag
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You’ll discover several incredible facts about sex around the world – including who does it the most, who likes it the most and which countries get started early. (And, do we even have to say: please be advised this post contains adult discussions on making whoopee.)

So Which Countries Have the Most Sex?

Brazil was considered an early favorite (as were the French) but it turns out the Greeks do it more than anyone. 87% of Greeks surveyed had sex at least once a week (Brazil was second at 82%).

Check out the map below for other contenders:

Percentage of adults having sex at least once a week

As you can see, the top ten are:

  • Greece: 87%
  • Brazil: 82%
  • Russia: 80%
  • China: 78%
  • Italy: 76%
  • Poland: 76%
  • Malaysia: 74%
  • Switzerland: 72%
  • Spain: 72%
  • Mexico: 71%

But, of course, that doesn’t mean they’re the best.

Quality Over Quantity: Which Countries Have the Best Sex?

Top 10 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries

  1. Nigeria 67%
  2. Mexico 63%
  3. India 61%
  4. Poland 54%
  5. Greece 51%
  6. Holland 50%
  7. South Africa 50%
  8. Spain 49%
  9. Canada 48%
  10. USA 48%

Sadly, Japan ranked last with only 15%.

Now you might be wondering …

How is sexual satisfaction defined?

  • Free from stress
  • Ability to orgasm
  • Free from sexual dysfunction
  • Frequency of sex and foreplay

According to the Durex study, only 48% of people routinely orgasm during sex (globally, men orgasm twice as frequently as women).

Which Countries Have Sex First?

It must be the weather … because Northern Europeans get busy earlier than any other part of the world.

Here’s the top ten by age in years:

  1. Iceland: 15.6
  2. Denmark: 16.1
  3. Sweden: 16.2
  4. Finland: 16.5
  5. Norway: 16.5
  6. Israel: 16.7
  7. Portugal: 16.9
  8. Bulgaria: 16.9
  9. Chile: 17.2
  10. Belgium: 17.2

Now It’s Your Turn: Who Are The Hottest Countries In The World?

The delicious mix of Latin and European in Argentina? The world-class bone structures of Scandinavians? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Very witty post. Congratulations to Nigeria and Greece! As for hottest countries, anything northern Europe… and Spain… love the accent. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Romania isn’t in this graph? that’s odd. I call BS on scandinavian sex, and confirm Greece.

    2. its true, every greek girls are the best in bed….theyll let you do anything!!

    3. It is just statistics a lot of countries are so hot but there is not official information about it ; sex in some of these countries is taboo , they do not talk about it : not that open to talk about

  2. Wow – look at all those Scandinavian countries for first sex…and they have some of the highest fertility rates.

  3. I think the research is 90-95% accurate. In the South Asia region people usually have sex in the age of 20-27 years. In Pakistan before marriage sex is taboo.

  4. I am Mexican and I have to say that sex here sucks. Satisfying sex? Here?! Maybe the gays because for heteros it is always vanilla sex. Always. Whenever I propose to spice things up all they can think up is to invite more people in (threesomes or moresomes) but it is still the same vanilla and boring sex. I’ve never met an exhibitionist woman, or a femdom, or somebody who likes to dress like a monkey to have sex… to food play, to car blowjobs, heels fetishes, or any fetishes whatsoever… damn, but women here aren’t very fun in the cuchi cuchi.

  5. Its Awesome to learn the Statistics, But People seriously. Its the Partner you choose, the partner you are with. No matter what the country. Home is where the Heart is.

  6. You have to give As much as you receive. Sex and pleasure you get out as much as you put in. just like Life!!

  7. I would like to see the research samples. I call BS on a lot of this, especially the most satisfied countries and countries that start the earliest. No way is that list believable—only one Latin American country and not a single one is from the Caribbean on any of these lists! I know for a fact that countries like Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, and Puerto Rico people start having sex YOUNG. It’s common for girls to start between 12 and 14 years of age, sometimes earlier. And boys start even younger! Oftentimes 9-10 yr old boys “cut their teeth” on 15/16 yr old girls, who have been around the block. Teenage pregnancy is the norm. So explain to me how Northern Europe dominates the list with an average age of 15+. I don’t buy it.

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