Health Officials Looking for Passengers Infected with Rare Strain of TB

A 30 year old Nepal native from Sunnyvale, California might have infected other passengers on an American Airlines flight from New Delhi to Chicago, with a deadly drug resistant strain of Tuberculosis. Health officials are now searching frantically for other passengers who might have been sitting close to her on the same flight.

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The woman traveled on Flight 293 from New Delhi to Chicago, and then moved onward to San Francisco. At least 44 people were in close enough proximity to her to have been infected themselves. From Chicago, the plane moved on to seventeen other states, leaving health officials with the unenviable task of tracking all passengers on board who are at risk for infection.

The woman was diagnosed in India. About a week after her arrival in San Francisco she fell severely ill, although hospital officials now say she is recovering.

One can’t help wondering what kind of person knowingly puts other puts other people at risk for a deadly air borne infection.

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