Plane Crash Photography (aerial)

“Happy End” Photo Book Documents Decades-Old Plane Crash Sites

Dietmar Eckell is self-publishing a photo book featuring nothing but plane crash photography. He’s visited dozens of crash sites already – some nearly 70 years old. Aptly titled Happy End, the book will focus only on those crashes where all of the passengers survived.

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Plane Crash Photography (aerial)
© Dietmar Eckell

The images are striking, humbling, disconcerting, and fascinating. I’m a little shocked that no one’s thought to do this before.

Eckell is crowd-funding his book via Indiegogo where he’s already raised nearly ten times his intended goal.

Founding Editor
  1. Amazing subject!

    Producing books is hard work and expensive. I am just discovering this as I am putting one together to record images from an exhibition I am having in October based on 2 months on the road (leaving in 2 weeks!) in SE Asia.

    I don’t know of any plane crash sites where I will be but I will keep a look out.

  2. I’m shocked that National Geographic hasn’t endorsed this guy! He’s AWESOME! Or maybe free lance is his style that’s cool too. I watched the video but didn’t see any links to the online journal of the excursions or for the photo books

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