Relaxing on Vacation at the Beach in Cancun, Mexico

3 Good Reasons People Buy Timeshares

People have all kinds of opinions about timeshares. While they remain a popular vacation option for hundreds of thousands of people, a vocal set of the vacationing public doesn’t seem to like them very much. People point out that there are cheaper ways to get out of town, and a host of other savings-based criticisms. Still, people still buy up timeshares. Are these individuals just uninformed consumers, or are there actually good reasons why someone might decide to purchase a timeshare? Here are a few of the best reasons people like timeshares.

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Relaxing on Vacation at the Beach in Cancun, Mexico

#1: People Want to Commit to a Vacation

Timeshares only make sense if you are willing and able to go on vacation at least once per year. In American culture, vacations are ever more infrequent. This is the case for a number of reasons, but almost all of them pertain to a questionable commitment to work. People are working harder and longer, sometimes for less pay. A holiday can seem like something for the lazy. Even though everybody knows that people work better when they have time off to themselves, it’s still a hard thing for some people to commit to. By buying a timeshare, people always have a reason to get out of town and get the rest they need.

#2: People Like to Share

Many people who buy a timeshare do so with the intention of sharing it at some point in the future. Perhaps you yourself have been gifted a trip to a resort because a friend or relative had access to a timeshare and couldn’t make it one time or other. Many families and people with strong friend groups will have a timeshare that is occasionally split between members. There are obviously many ways that individuals can save money over timeshares when vacationing, but if you want to offer it occasionally to other people in your circle, it really can be a unique asset to have.

#3: People Don’t Want to Work to Have a Great Vacation

There are those who love trying to get maximal vacation awesomeness with a bare minimum of expense. They like to get off the beaten path. They like to have an experience unlike anything they’ve done before. That’s all well and good, but not all people are like that. Some people want vacation to be a time when everything is done for them, when food and cleanup and activities are all baked into one tasty package. Timeshares offer this. It’s a resort experience built into every year. That’s a great thing for a significant customer base.

Timeshares still get sold in high numbers each year. Even though there are technically have a vacation for less money, timeshares aren’t all about money. They are a unique opportunity to have a reliably great time without expending a ton of work. They’re a chance to share fun experiences with people you care about. Timeshares aren’t for everybody, but for those who relate to the thoughts in this list, a timeshare may be the best possible way to have a vacation.

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