GetSet Compares Flying, Driving, and Busing to Determine the Cheapest Travel Method

GetSet - Travel App (screenshot)

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GetSet is a crazy simple web app that compares the most popular methods of travel – flying, driving and taking the bus – to find the cheapest way to get you from A-to-B.

The site couldn’t be more straightforward: pick your departure and arrival cities. Click “GO”. That’s it.

Lifehacker notes however:

While the results might not always be exact””if you’re traveling for the holidays but searching now, for example””it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

Also, GetSet currently only lists the largest cities in the United States, but the concept certainly has potential. Imagine if Orbitz, Kayak, etc. not only showed the cheapest available flights, but searched other transportation options (train, bus, ferry, etc.)? Hmmm … are you listening travel search engine gods?

Founding Editor
  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the writeup. Traditional online travel sites tend to focus on flights, cars, and hotels. We’re trying to provide travelers an alternative to what you normally see on major sites such as Orbitz or Kayak. Hopefully this provides some value to our niche.

    Thanks again!

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