Florida Boy, 7, Clearly A Terrorist

Elliot.org points us to this story of a young Coral Springs terror suspect – the mastermind behind a plot to hijack an AirTran flight with … drumsticks (?) – whose plan was foiled:

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Michael Martin went through a hassle trying to fly out of Fort Lauderdale recently because his name was on a no-fly list. Rather than protest to authorities, he nervously turned to his mom for comfort.

“He thought he did something wrong,” his mother, Krista Martin, 36, of Coral Springs, said.

Take a look at his photo. Would you mess with him? I can see the bags of fertilizer and ammonium nitrate right next to his bunk bed. And those drumsticks? [shudder] Don’t even get me started.

Now that we’ve reigned in the 7-and-under terrorist demographic, next up: Catholic nuns and knitting club members from Topeka.

Good on ya, TSA. Good on ya. Another win for the good guys.

Founding Editor

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