Five Things You Should Know About Plane Crashes

… and these come from my “Survival Tip-A-Day” Calendar so they must be true.

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Some food for travel thought:

  1. The majority of plane crashes occur during takeoff and landing
  2. Pilot error is the number one cause of plane crashes
  3. Statistically, the majority of crash survivors were seated in the rear half of the plane
  4. Auto accidents kill more people every year than the total number of people killed in air disasters since the dawn of aviation
  5. Larger aircrafts (more than 30 seats) tend to be safer than smaller planes.

1, 2, and 5 seem pretty reasonable to me. #3 seems obvious when you think about it and it makes me wonder if I should reconsider where I actually sit on a plane.

#4 really struck me. It’s not entirely surprising, yet somehow it’s a remarkable stat when you think about it: “… since the dawn of aviation”. Wow.

Founding Editor
  1. Makes me wonder which section of the plane is the safest. I’m guessing the cockpit might actually be one of the safer areas.

  2. That might be true. So let’s come up with a plan on how to get all those useless people out of there! Where can I make a reservation for that real row 1 number 1 seat? ;-)

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