First Passenger Flight Touches Down in Antarctica

An Australia—Antarctica passenger jet made its first successful landing at the very first runway in Antarctica.

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Scientists at the Australian-Antarctica division have reason to cheer — the four and a half hour long flight will mean no more 5 week sea trips to reach the ice continent, at least during summer.

The laser leveled runway measures 2.5 miles long and 700 meters wide, and is carved out of glacial ice. Every year, it shifts position about 12 metes southwest, as a result of glacial drift. The ice runway, the pilot of the inaugural flight said, is actually a lot smoother than other runways around the world.

The passenger service between Hobart and Antarctica will operate in the summer season between October and March, and will be a weekly service. And before you can ask, no ”¦ unfortunately there will be no tourists allowed.

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