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If you travel long enough, you can appreciate the following scenario …

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You’re headed to [insert exotic destination here] next week. You’ve been looking forward to it for months and even started packing days in advance. Then a sudden realization: you’re all out of passport pages. Or your destination country suddenly changed their visa requirements and now you’re lacking the necessary documentation for entry. Or you’re just plain scatter-brained and it completely slipped your mind.

Whatever your issue, that’s where comes in. The site provides expedited passport and visa services for travelers in a time crunch. For the former, simply visit their order page and in less than 10 minutes, you can complete your order. They offer a variety of shipping options, with their uber-expedited package virtually guaranteeing you can send your passport out and back in just two business days. This includes new passports, renewals, adding new pages, replacing a lost/stolen passport, changing the name on your passport, or ordering a second one. (homepage)

For visa services, their visa requirements section is fantastic, detailing the specific entry requirements for every country in the world. Visit this page and specify your destination country. You can then plug in your citizenship and country of residence for a customized report on the exact documents you’ll need for your trip. You can also view a nice, concise overview of visa requirements for all countries according to your citizenship.

I availed myself of their services just before a recent trip to Africa. My timeframe meant that I had no room for error – I had literally three days to secure additional pages in my passport or I would not even be allowed aboard the plane. Bottom line: I FedEx’d my passport to VisaHQ on a Tuesday morning. By Thursday afternoon, it was back in my hands full of fresh new pages (plus they even sent along a nice passport cover to boot!).

If you’re the sort of traveler who puts things off until the last minute or are just a bit scatter-brained about your travel planning, it’s nice to know that such options exist. All things considered, the pricing ($60+gov’t fees and up) is pretty reasonable when the alternative might be missing your trip entirely!

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