Entire Hungarian Beach – Complete with Sand – Stolen

Owners of a beach-themed leisure park in Hungary are hopping mad after they lost an entire beach complete with sand, lounges and shacks to thieves. Yes – you read that right: complete with sand.

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The beach had been set up on the riverbank at Mindszentas, in a country which has no natural oceanfront of its own and was quite a popular attraction.

The park had been covered up for winter, and closed to the public. When the owners checked in recently, they found that everything had vanished – the amusement rides, shops, everything.

Criminals from across the border have been blamed. Hungary was one of the countries that recently joined the Schengen Zone which eliminated border controls between EU member state and Europe.

  1. How on Earth would you move something like this without anyone noticing? Even more confounding, where would you put a whole beach including fun rides?

    I’m flummoxed – please let us know about what happened to this!

  2. I’ve wondered the same thing, Jack. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to uncover any additional info on this. Publicity stunt perhaps?

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