The One Elevator Trick Every Traveler Should Know

Fellas, if you’re looking to woo the ladies out there, nothing works like a slick elevator trick. Am I right? Hollaaa!

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Anyway, if you’re sick of having to stop at sixteen different floors every time you hop on an elevator, try this simple trick:

  1. Press the button for the floor you’re going to and the “Close Door” button at the same time
  2. Hold for five seconds
  3. That’s it!

This puts the elevator into “Express Mode”, meaning it won’t stop at any floor but the one you’re going to.

There’s apparently some debate as to whether or not it works (see comments here). For me, I’ve tried it mainly in Otis elevators and it’s worked like a dream. I use it on the elevator in my building every day. Of course, it’s difficult to definitively prove that it works, but I’ve yet to stop for another person since I started doing it over a year ago.

Selfish? Absolutely. But it’s still pretty damned cool, no?

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