Elephants Storm the Twitterverse

African Elephant © Shankar S.

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A pack of GPS-toting pachyderms has taken Twitter by a storm. Four bull African elephants in central Kenya are now tweeting with a little help from human interpreters.

The four males each have distinct Twitter personalities that reflect their real-life characteristics as observed in the wild. Tyson, Evgeny, Kimani, and Carlos tweet from @SpaceForGiants about the same kinds of things a lot of humans do — posting about where they are and their grazing habits.

The elephants wear GPS collars that transmit their whereabouts and human volunteers use this information to compose the tweets, factoring in a slight time lag in order to thwart poachers and keep the animals safe. The initiative is intended to raise awareness of the plight of elephants in the wild.

Find out more about this from CBC News, or follow the hashtag #ElephantsLive on Twitter

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