Elbow Deep in a Sheep: Icebreaker’s Disturbing (and Genius) Viral Video Campaign

We could almost post this without comment (… almost):

It’s all part of Icebreaker’s new viral ad campaign:

Put your hand up a sheep’s ass and win a prize? Really?!

Yep, the crazy Kiwis are at it again!

No real sheep were harmed during the making of Icebreaker’s Lucky Dip Merino, which was created from resin and fiberglass by the Wellington-based model-makers who made props for the films Avatar and Lord of the Rings.

The model was made to entertain New Zealand’s influx of rugby supporters. Fans who reached into the sheep are rewarded with vouchers for instant prices and product discounts.

We knew we liked them for a reason (aside from their awesome clothing). More at Icebreaker.com.

Founding Editor
  1. I would like to point out that the witticism disclaimer at the bottom of the ad says “no sheep were *ARMED* during the making of this ad”

    very witty. very daring. I like playful… it’s the way to finding fun travelers. It will court a specific audience, and that audience will probably be awesome. =)

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