Create Your Own “Keep the Change” Program

Bank of America, I believe, was the first major bank to offer what they call their Keep the Change program. Basically, it works like this. For every debit card purchase you make, they round that purchase up to the next whole dollar. The difference between the actual purchase amount and the new, rounded-up purchase amount is deposited into a separate savings account. For example, you spend $1.45 at your local convenience store. $0.55 ($1.45 rounded up to $2.00 minus the original $1.45 purchase price) is deposited into your savings account.

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Why not make your own Keep the Change jar? At the end of the day, K and I dump all our loose change into a glass jar. You’d be surprised how quickly it fills up. And how easy it is not to miss that money when it’s “gone”. Saving $1 a day isn’t hard between two people.

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