Crazed Guy on Road Trip

Ever Take a Really, Really, REALLY Long Road Trip? So Did This Guy [Photo]

We’ve all taken really, really, *really* long road trips that never seem to end. See: the vast plains of Kansas, Nebraska, or the monotonous rolling countryside of … well, pretty much any square state in the middle of the US.

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If you have, you can totally sympathize with this emotion around, er, hour 13 …

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  1. Mr. Richard,
    Why so sour on the mid-section? “Monotonous rolling countryside” . . . ? Granted, if a road trip takes you across Kansas, for example, you’re not going to gawk at Half Dome or Mono Lake or the Badlands similar. You’re not driving Going-to-the Sun Road, admittedly, and Trail Ridge Road it is not.

    But your take seems to entirely dismiss as drudgery a drive across this region. I’ve done it several times, and there’s nothing wrong with getting off I-70 and seeing the grasslands and the prairies and the sun playing shadow games across the landscape and the farms and hidden burger joint and and the history. The driver and/or passengers who can’t find much to appreciate on the drive is likely doing it wrong.

    Perhaps I’m alone here, but I don’t quite understand the point about “road trips that never seem to end.” You’re Vagabonding on a journey presumably by choice (having the means to jump in the car and go, for miles upon miles), but you’re actively seeking the end of the trip, wishing it would conclude? Yikes—count me as someone who finds zero appeal in that!

    1. @TJ: No worries, man. Don’t read too much into it – it was posted in jest.

      I assure you we’re very much in the same frame of mind. I spent three months last summer driving from New England to Colorado and taking the long way back home. I loved it. It’s a vast, beautiful swath of the country that so few travelers consider a “destination”. And unjustly so. I can’t wait to do it again, “monotony” and all.

  2. had occasion to drive from the west to the east through iowa of all places a couple of times when returning from yellowstone/tetons/points west and found it beautiful. the period of dawn on the landscape of the central part of the state was just lovely—rolling hills, barns, farms, trees. please don’t use my real name!

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