Cereality Is World’s First Sit Down Cereal Cafe

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It’s a concept so simple, you wonder why no one thought of it before. At the Cereality Cereal Bar and Café, customers can choose two different types of cereal, their choice of a variety of toppings, and add as much milk as they want to create a healthy breakfast or snack.

With over 30 brands of cold cereal to choose from, customers get the chance to try a cereal that they’ve never had before, while getting as adventurous with toppings as they like. The choice of milk includes soy and lactose free kinds, and the pajama clad waiters go by the name of cereologists.

The company plans to open more such cafes in public buildings around the country, including airports and stations.

  1. Interesting concept. I know that Mall of America used to have (and may still have) a General Mills “Create Your Own Cereal” store and a cereal bar in the food court. It was never very crowded though and I recall that their prices were high.

  2. we have something like this too (in the philippines) but it’s a stall not a cafe but same YUMMY concept :)

  3. had it by my office- west loop, chicago, but it closed pretty darn quick. we like our breakfasts greasy!

  4. I first visited the Cereality in Philadelphia shortly after it opened. I personally thought it was a great idea but, from a business standpoint, couldn’t see it ever lasting.

    But, over the past few years, I visit every time I go to Philly and the place is always packed with students.

    They have morning cartoons playing on giant flat screen TVs on the weekends. How can you say no to that?

  5. It’s a neat idea, but it certainly isn’t new, wasn’t the “world’s first” and Cereality is not the only one doing it.

  6. Cereality actually was the first cereal cafe to start this whole concept, with others to follow shortly thereafter. They have been around since 2003 and just opened another cafe in Santa Cruz,so they must be doing something right.

  7. What the hell? Why do you guys LIKE this??

    It’s $3.99 for a BOWL OF CEREAL PEOPLE. You can get a WHOLE BOX for that. It’s capitalism GONE MAD.

  8. I would be interested to see if this stays in business for long. It’s a cool idea, but seriously, I can just go down to the corner shop and buy cereal for probably way cheaper…

  9. Louise and BJG: You can also go to the liquor store and buy a six-pack of beer for what 1 pint would cost you in a bar. But somehow bars and nightclubs manage to stay open.

    Ditto for the cost of dining out versus eating at home.

  10. You’ve got a good point there Mike. Although, when I do go to bars/nightclubs, I don’t buy many drinks. I try to drink beforehand in order to avoid spending too much $$…

  11. No, Mike, I disagree. You can’t get a pint fresh out of the keg at home, and neither can you get authentic Indian food in your kitchen.

    Cereal however, is the same at home or at the restaurant.

  12. Louise also has a good point…unless they are milking the cows and making the cereal fresh right there at the store haha.

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