Cannonball Run 2.0: From NYC to LA in Just 31 Hours

Book: The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World

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Race car driver Alexander Roy documents his 31 hour and 4 minute journey from New York to Los Angeles in his BMW M5 in his new book titled The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World (aff). Roy claims the drive, using nothing fancier than Google Earth, a GPS and a CB Radio beat the record for cross country driving.

Planning for the drive involved finicky attention to detail — from calling each gas station en route to ensure they were open at night (during which two thirds of the driving took place) just in case they ran short of fuel, to testing the Travel John emergency urination bags to see if they would hold survive the fast and furious driving conditions.

With his friend and team member, The Weis, flying a single engine Cessna spotter aircraft, Roy embarked on a seemingly foolhardy, potentially dangerous and possibly illegal journey to break cross-country driving records that had been deemed unbreakable since the seventies, and lived to tell his tale.

Roy’s book is out on Harper-Collins.

  1. You know, I really have a problem with this stunt. I heard the story on NPR last week or so, and was just dumbfounded at the glorification of driving like a moron and then getting a book deal out of it! One NPR listener calculated that he must’ve been going something like 100+ MPH pretty consistently to make that kind of time.

    As a fulltime RVer on the roard, I really shudder to think of all of the idiots who will pass me on the road as they try to break this guy’s record. Stupid stupid stupid.

  2. You would be honestly suprised and dumbfounded by the amount of time and effort Roy put into this effort. Two failed attempts and a new co-driver later, he finally manages to complete a lifelong dream no matter how illegal the trip. He averaged just over 90 mph the whole time. I am amazed at the fact someone put this much dedication into a road trip. Oh, and he completed a life-long goal, how people have ever completed their own life goal. I am not there yet.

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