4 Reasons Every Budget Traveler Should Choose Self-catered Accommodations

When planning a trip, most travelers don’t think twice about booking flights and a traditional hotel for the length of their stay. But stop to consider that these two components often make up more than 75% of the total cost of any trip!

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Which is why self-catering holiday accommodations are a great option for budget travelers seeking an alternative to typical hotel and B&B stays. We love them for a variety of reasons, including:

#1: You Can Save Big

Aside from the cost of airline tickets, one of the biggest budget busters for every traveler is the often exorbitant price of accommodations. Self-catering allows you to steer clear of the typical hotel trap and save big on your entire holiday.

Not having a kitchen also typically means dining out for virtually every meal which can be insanely expensive while on holiday. Seek out local supermarkets and grocers before preparing meals at your self-catered accommodations to save even more and to ”¦

#2: Taste the Local Cuisine

While staying at a traditional hotel, it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating at onsite or nearby restaurants. These are often Western-inspired — typically the same or similar to what you’d find back home — and, quite frankly, dull.

But foodie travelers know that one of the best ways to truly experience a culture is through the stomach! Self-catering encourages you to branch out, to shop at the grocery stores or farmer’s market to sample the local cuisine. Talk to locals and food vendors to get inspired with delicacies traditional to your destination.

#3: Dine on Your Own Schedule

Hotels in other parts of the world can often open and close on quite restrictive (and sometimes even bizarre) schedules. Stop worrying about when and where you’ll be allowed to eat by preparing your own meals on your on time. This alleviates some of the stress of travel and frees up your day to do other things.

#4: The Family that Cooks Together ”¦

Self-catering accommodations inspire a feeling of “togetherness” with your fellow travelers through communally-cooked meals. It’s also a great group activity for families and couples (or singles looking to mingle) as nothing quite brings people together like gathering around the onsite kitchen to prepare a meal from start to finish.

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