Bizarre Culture: Danse la Poutine, Quebec [Video]

Poutine at La Banquise, Montreal
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For those not in the know, poutine is:

… a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds and covered with gravy and sometimes other additional ingredients. The freshness of the curds is important as it makes them soft in the warm fries, without completely melting. It is a quintessential Canadian comfort food, especially but not exclusively among Québécois.

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I’ve mentioned my obsession with it before and my quest for finding the perfect dish. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find this bizarre and (perhaps unintentionally) funny video featuring a Bubba Sparxxx lookalike rapper and several homies in neon baseball caps being relentlessly shadowed by a mysterious guy in a poutine costume.

To be clear, I have no idea what these chaps are singing about. The only words I could make out were “1”, “2”, “3”, and “Flintstones”. Apologies to my French readers if it is in fact offensive.

Anyone out there know what the hell these guys are singing about? Is this intentionally funny? Because I find it oddly hilarious.

Founding Editor
  1. this is really, really rough, but this is about how it goes. A lot of the sexual innuendo is lost in translation. Hurray, gendered languages!

    One, drench the fries in oil. Two, cook them, it’s easy. Three, add the sauce and cheese, squish squish… in your stomach, magnificent sensations.
    Gabbo: Oh oh oh yes. We’re here. Gabbo here, poutine, here.
    Oh yes! Our plates are full! Cheese, potato, sauce, are things that like each other. Hamburger for me too, please. My mouth is so full that I’m leaving you alone. Here we’ve got steak as big as in the Flintstones. The stomachs are so full that some are falling.
    Cuizinier: Serve me a hot poutine. It’s hot pizza, but no vulgar bits of meat. I want a classic, nothing else. Coming out of the club I think only about putting one thing in my mouth.
    A woman who makes me eat poutine with a ladle. Well shredded’s how I like it. You’ve gotta sponge all that up. Miss, once satisfied, I can look after you. After the party you go to La Banquise to recover.
    A hot poutine is what you need to warm up. Jump in the air.
    Omnikrom TTC jump in the air to warm up.
    Beer, poutine, polar fleece sweater to warm up.
    And everyone from Montreal to Paris dances Poutine.
    And if things aren’t great in your life dance poutine.
    You’ll forget your worries, dance poutine.
    Dance poutine, dance dance poutine. And everyone from Paris to Montreal dances poutine. Like Fred Astaire in the rain, dance POutine. From Rachel to St. Denis dance Poutine. Dance poutine, dance dance poutine.
    Tidoberman: TTC Omnikrom bring back your prettiest girlfriends. Show me how your poutine drips. I like to dip with the best french fries. Today we’re partying, again another hit. It’s at five a.m. that it tastes the best. Its cheese is melted, we get to the end. Baby, move your bowl on the fast food table. We’re getting out at the hotel, and you’re super supple. Supple, supple…
    Jeanbart: We’re all together as a family ready to eat this poutine.
    Omnikrom,TTC it’s fat, it’s good, it’s like poutine. Health crap isn’t for me, I want to lick my fingers. Well fed pretty lady, look at that great ass. Come on, flap your chicken wings. I’m looking at you while I eat. I want to see you lick your lips. Show me how you’re dying for it. If you do it well, I’ll let you lick it all when I’m done. The prettiest lady, a good poutine. Trop banane! Straight to bed.
    And everyone from Montreal to Paris dances Poutine. From QUebec to Chicoutimi dances poutine. From Trois Rivieres to Granby, dance poutine. Dance poutine, dance dance poutine.

  2. Ha ha ha! I wasn’t sure anyone would actually take a stab at the translation.

    I had a feeling there was a fair amount of sexual innuendos in the video, although you’re right that they do get lost in translation.

    Still hilarious nonetheless. Thanks so much for this, Meredith.

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