Big Fish, Little Boat: Extreme Kayak Shark Fishing

File this under: Things I’d Never Do #9726726. Right after glacial surfing. It seems the big new fishing experience doesn’t involve an outboard motor. Yes, hardy rowing folk have decided it might be fun to start hunting sharks ”¦ from fiberglass kayaks. No word on whether they also find it fun to have their limbs torn off.

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Shark Fishing in a Kayak

According to the UK Daily Mail, fishermen from Alaska’s American Ocean Kayak Fishing Team went paddling amongst a group of some 300 salmon sharks, and hooked four of the nine-feet-long pointy-toothed critters (said to weigh up to 1000 lbs), later releasing two of them, presumably so the sharks could regroup and seek vengeance at a later date.

Shark Fishing in a Kayak

“We are all experienced anglers and kayakers so either as a whole or individually, we felt confident in our personal abilities and limits,” said the captain, Chris Mautino.

“The sharks were concentrating on feeding on the Pink Salmon and I really don’t think they gave us a second thought,” said Senor Insano. “We slow trolled the bait behind the kayaks with the rods laying across our laps ”¦ Our biggest concerns were staying upright in the kayaks and keeping from getting tangled up in the gear and pulled over as well.” One wonders if “not getting eaten” was another important concern.

  1. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.People go kayaking to be immersed in nature, to see its beauty and to be be-littled by its shear enormity, and you guys are out there catching sharks for what seems like little more than a boost for your ego.

    I am an sea kayak instructor and guide as well as an avid fisherman, but i eat what i catch, and would consider a 2-3lb fish to be ample for a couple of people.

    Take a look at yourselves. Is what you are doing in line with current outdoor ethical guidlines? I think not.

    I understand that kayaks were originally developed for hunting purposes, but the early Inuits hunted food out of necessity, not for sport.

    Sharks play a vital role in the oceans eco-system, and as any kayaker should know, it is our role to do everything within our powers to protect the oceans.

    i would be interested in continuing this debate, and hearing why you think that this practice is accpetable so please reply.

    1. Who’s to say they didn’t eat them? Salmon sharks are supposed to be pretty good eating.

  2. Something about their brand new gear (rental?), and goofy grins make me think they are NOT experienced paddlers. Not to mention their choice of craft (sit-on-top), and activity while on the water. There are more idiots in this world than ever before.

  3. top stuff boys!! must have been a challege trying to land each of those sharks, i hopefully will be trying to do the same off my local reef sometime soon i was trying to resherch ways of catching sharks when i came across your pictures. if you could give me any pointers that would be grate!

  4. This is fukin disgustin. Killin a shark for the fun of it then smiling for pictures i hope next time u try this the sharks win coz u deserve it.

  5. i actually cannot believe that you could do this to the oceans creatures. its despicable. how you can actually catch a shark, kill it and thenn pose in front of a camera with a dead sharks carcus is hard to believe.

    they deserve the chance to live. and yet with the shark population going down as it is in nature , we dont need you guys hunting sharks down and slaughtering them causing the sharks population to go down even more.

    i hope your ashamed of yourselves.

  6. LMAO..

    you legends..

    we all hate shark scum(h5)

    calm down lauren lmfao, its abit of fun, who doesnt enjoy this kinda stuff! :D
    Thats Mint!! =D

  7. What a bunch of fags … giving hand signals like a rock and roll concert.

    Do a ‘one on one’ with the shark and see what the news story is then.

  8. Oh my god, i’m scared SCARED to death of sharks, this would SO not fit my life style and fear…

  9. looks like that tribe will be eating for awhile chris

    im sure the inuite would not have turned down that meal

  10. oh and james read the article
    they are sponsored
    ofcourse its new
    and myan learn to spell
    before you post
    and lauren
    i bet you have never fished before in your life
    its the most exhilarating experience you will ever have
    especially out of a kayak :D

  11. Im a Kayak Instructor WAAAAAAAAA someone get ma a tissue I have an issue!

    I kayak to commune with nature not slaughter it! Waaaaaaaaaa!

    Stinking Tree Hugger’s keep you nose out of everyones business!

  12. Well, really “brave” douchebags! I’m shocked!

    Are the vagabondish getting nuts, while bringing up such a bullshit, or just ignorant?
    We face the eradication of porbeagle-sharks, and many, many other shark-species, and the vagabondish appoint these fun-killers as a kind of heros?

    Don’t point on environtmental problems in China, where I life now. Because people, without any sensibility and general knowledge, like you, and these chuckleheaded smirking kayak-douchebag, are nothing better!

    By the way: Don’t eat shark-meat. It’s poisoned with the neurotoxin ‘methyl mercury’.
    But for the shark-hunters: Eat as much as you can of your kills. So we can get rid of you soon!

  13. By the way, I can spell, really well actually, I just don’t think that scum sites like this deserve good grammer when the idiots that support this obviously can’t find the intelligence to do any activity that demands a braincell in order to participate in.

    If you can kill something that has done you no wrong then what separates you from a murderer? Because in my opinion you’re all sick in the head if you can kill something for no reason, and may i add that the article says they caught four and released two. This shows that they obviously did kill the two they kept and they also released two injured sharks back into the water.

    Also i am not a “Tree Hugger” simply because i care about the environment and the creatures within it. Thomas just so you know if the most exhilarating experience you have ever had is fishing then seriously you need a girlfriend.

  14. OMG…get a life myan. How could you call this murder. These two sharks will feed a lot of people. Fishermen dont just catch a fish and kill it and throw it away, they eat their catch. Share with their family and friends and even donate to food shelters…. Come on!!! Whats next boycotting Tyson for murdering chickens?

  15. Well, Shark Hunter, you didn’t got the point.
    Besides the fact, that many shark-species are facing extinction, esp. the porbeagle sharks, there are other problems.

    So, esp.for your, as well as for other people information again:
    Sharks are highly(!) contaminated with a dangerous neurotoxin, called ‘methyl mercury (MeHg)’.
    Sharks, on land, are, at best case, hazardous and highly toxic waste!
    If you eat shark-products, it’ll distroy human CNS (centrale nerveous system), as well as human brain and organs. And it’s devastating for unborn babies (down-syndrom, congenital defects!)

    That’s the reason, why so many shark-eaters having monstrosities and/or severe health damages. The WHO, UNEP knows about the dangerous shark-food-& neurotoxin problems, but regional food-controlling authorities, fishery-industry and governments still burke evidence.


    At least: Make everybody think, that the killing of the last species of porbeagles in the sounds is heroic, is more than anachronism. It’s just modern, human ignorance.
    Kayak fans should be nature lovers, and should take care about our environment. This signal from ‘vagabondish’ is an totaly wrong input.

  16. Nice catch!

    I’m a firm believer that there’s no harm in hunting animals for the necessity of fun (within the law)!

  17. its a setup photo anyway folks. These freaks of nature have just borrowed some local big boat catch for the shot. How you supposed to do a high brace while you reel a shark in of that size anyway? Im a shit hot paddler and i reckon i would struggle, and that ‘tw*t in the hat’ in the foreground looks like he couldnt paddle in my kids inflatable pool?

  18. When I eat a hamburger I like to think about the innocent cows crying over all his family members he lost against the war with the humans. we should consider ourselves lucky that we farm animals for food and not each other. If you want to complain about the death of a shark you better be a vegan, then I will understand. Your values are being challenged. Thats great. I cant wait to see your values challenged when evolution catches up to you.

  19. Dear Bill Baxter, farm-cows will not face extinct, but the porbeagle sharks will soon be gone.
    Cows on a farm are not necessary for eco-system, sharks are.

    But, for guys like you: If you eat hamburgers, you might be shure not to eat dangerous toxine ‘MeHg’, means ‘Methyl Mercury’. While eating shark-meat, you can be shure that you destroy your health with high concentrations of these dangerous neurotoxin.

  20. Hate seeing the name Team Ocean Kayak used in this thread…reread the says an .Alaska’s American Ocean Kayak Fishing Team …not Team Ocean Kayak…there is a Team Ocean Kayak located in Texas not Alaska…don’t confuse the two

  21. We eat Shark in Australia, not all Sharks are high in Mercury. Gummy Sharks are not endangered and are one of the best eating fish in the World. Great fun to catch by land, boat, kayak or if you are good enough spear fishing. Great photos, wish I was out there, the Salmon would of been fun also.

  22. why would u do that is terbuil then a pose for a pic like how udo u live with your self knowing that you are like going to make sharks like all die then it will be all your fault!!!!!!!!!

  23. I love people who pretend to be non violent / humanitarians saying that they wish death on people. how backwards are you? you really need to examine your life and find out who you really are. I honestly feel sorry for you.

  24. Looks like a blast. I love to catch sharks (great battle)and have been eating them for years. if i hear one more thing about dangerous toxins i might puke. that is obviously your only gripe, and a way for you to get into a conversation that your coutch potatoe ass knows nothing about. wish i were there to take it all in. Nothing better than the catch of a life time.

  25. Shark fishing from a kayak is light years beyond the type of awesome that you bunch of thumb-sucking PETA sheep could ever hope to achieve.

    Go throw red paint on a grizzly bear.

  26. i just have to say these are some bad fuckers, they have bigger balls than i do! and to all the fags that get affended just dont look at the damn picture! My pholosaphy is


  27. “Tbone”, the way you write and show us your effort of thinking, is inadaequat for a modern, enlightened citizens and todays community needs.
    Your are ignorant and a stick-in-the-mud.

    Your attitudes shows us, like ‘jesse’ and other infantiles, that you might poisened your brain with neurotoxins allready substantially and irreversible.
    Visit a doctor, who’s fit in toxicology and cerebral cases.
    YOU need help!

  28. I love kayak fishing as well as kayaking for the pure fun of kayaking. What I get sick of is a bunch of self righteous enviormental nazis telling me as well as others that they arent true kayakers.

  29. c’mon guys lighten up. for people who seem not to like this sort of thing so much you spend a hell of alot of time on this site and probably other sites like this no doubt, if you don’t like it don’t look at it. guess you got nothin better to do

  30. I think the discussion here is funny. M.Sorg here is blogging for his life about porbeagle sharks and their fight for existence (which, by the way, this picture includes ZERO examples of). He’s also screaming about the MeHg. Well … good for you. So you saw the CNN report about it. Have you read the extensive studies?

    By the way, M.Sorg, I find ironic the fact your chastisement of TBone and others for their stupidity contains has no fewer than EIGHT (8) spelling and grammatical (btw, myan, it’s grammar, not “grammer” … but you meant to misspell, right?) errors.

    Who is the ignoramus?

    The rest of you … well … your ridiculous statements of “eat meat” and “I am man” are just, well, funny. And I think that’s kind of the point.

    What’s funnier is the ridiculous cries from people who actually thing that (a) you’re serious … and (b) they can change you.

    Oh, I love blogs. They’re so … entertaining.

  31. I found this pic while researching for a report I’m doing on SHARKS! haha

    I couldn’t agree more with jdonat! This was absolutely hilarious. I get a kick out of all the bickering on these blogs and everyone that doesn’t have a clue about what they’re actually saying!

    M.Sorg are you some kind of psycho scientist or what? because you sure as heck seem to have all the “facts” down pat. Are you cutting and pasting off your news articles or what? And could you tell me one little thing? Where in this picture do you see one or ANY of your precious porbeagle sharks!? Take a midol you sally!

    And Sarah!!! omg girl PLEASE just close your mouth because you sure aren’t doing yourself any favors! “you are like going to make sharks like all die” I had to read your post ‘LIKE’ twice to even ‘LIKE’ understand it.

    I love fishing too, and I’m also aware that the overfishing of sharks is a growing problem, and they’re a big part of the ecosystem, but kudos to these guys for the challenge. And Salmon sharks are NOT endangered!

    I’m sorry, but that’s horrible seeing the stupidity of the human race today. A bigger problem we should look at is the increase in the illiteracy rate of America due largly to texting
    on cell phones.

    PETA sucks BAWLS (yeah you dang right that’s spelled wrong!)

    Good Luck and happy hunting/fishing!

  32. Wow…Soo This is Prolly The coolest things ive ever seen….Fishing sharks out of a kayak…kinda crazy but id try it….an wtfs the big deal with killen sharks there hurting as fuck anyways prolly like the rest of u tree huggin douch bags on here lol

  33. sooo fuck tree huggers….Power to the sharks hunters kill as many as u can put in your boat sharks all around suck anyways kinda like tree huggers

  34. Hey guys, just so you know, those aren’t real sharks. You can actually see the seam on the side of the rubber shark on the close up. I was watching these guys set up the photo op that day. And by the way, the guy with the big grin was just laughing at all the people he was going to trick. Nice try, buy you will NEVER fool this cat!

  35. well said, jdonat & jmiller…
    don’t know how i got onto this site but this the posts are just funny…

  36. Se supone que eso eso divertido?? en realidad no se como pueden mantener una sonrisa despues de haber matado a un ser vivo, a un animal inocente!

  37. dude stop killing innocent animals,what would it feel like if u just got randomly murdered???!!!

  38. WAY COOL! These guys are sportsmen with balls. Anyone can sit in a huge powerboat fishing shark from a safe spot, these guys are playing more fair in my book. The shark has a chance to get them too and though I’d never do that, I see them as sportsmen. Like hunting a bear with a bow instead of a gun. Few have the balls to do that. Now lets see these guys go after the bigger sharks though. Wild stuff! Steve W

  39. Looks an awful lot like Guy Kawasaki in the right hand side of the photo

  40. Years ago this picture would have been cool, now it’s just an un-necessary kill. I admire the skill required to hook and land such a fish but if it isn’t for eating destroying it is such a waste.
    I agree with previous correspondants, this is a set-up, the kit is too new and the rear cargo area is empty….must have had a bigger boat in support.
    Love my fishing, love my sit-on-top, glad i don’t spend it with these guys.

  41. We used to kill people in the army but THEY did not allowed us to keep them or eat them.
    Which should be the precondition on killing anything.

  42. Stupid hunters. Not ashamed to still hunt? Or do you not have the power to grow their own food or take a fat ass on the couch and do something for those who need help? If you really think is good, do something to those who need!

  43. Why the hell are so many bitch slapped men such pussys when it comes to nature. you allways get it from emotional liberal californians. Oh thier so worldly but when we kill just like the other animals, its WRONG is an orca cruel when it rips a calf from its horrified mother. you cunts need estragen reduction NOW god damd it !

  44. there are thousands of porbagal sharks in alaskin waters no pressure on that species but that does not stop the self rightous ass heads from trying to teach us all an ignorant lesson. grow the fuck UP. and quit telling predators how to live. your to weak and emotionaly fucked to really experiance nature.

  45. These guys. i have to say are living bigger and having more fun then that ass mouth rush limbaugh thinks you should be allowed to have. rock on real MEN of the north seas. I will take your side forever. Thanks for distinguising the differance between real man and over emotional man. BIG differance. and it nags them to no end. thier to soft to live as we do. and they know it to there core. Oh well at least I don’t have that degenerative desease.

  46. These are NOT Porbeagle Sharks. They are Salmon sharks. Commonly found on the West coast in Alaska. Not endangered at all. If they are permited to catch and kill them then so be it. Nothing was done wrong here people. Get Over it!

  47. I had the oppertunity to go to Alaska last summer. we fished out of the Ketchican area. We caught several Salmon Sharks, and damn they were bad ass fighters. the table fare was bad ass too. Not sure if these guys sampled any of their catch, but damn was it good!

  48. you guys are my heros… fuck all these nay saying loosers. you risked life and limb for the hunt.

    humans do hunt, they always have and always will.

    But shit, no way i would do that. If i ever hooked up with that i think i would need another pair of pants.

  49. this goes to (dude) thats the fucking hang loose sign dumb shit and the only reason you have a problem with it is cuz you dont have the balls to

  50. I don’t believe for 1 minute that it is physically possible to play one of these fish from a sit on top kayak in open water and then hoist the 1000 lb buggers up across their laps. No way no how. The pics are bullshit. The fish were caught some other way and and the pics staged.

  51. STOP WITH THAT!! its i HATE people that are killing for fun, specialy those how are killing sharks. son all sharks are dead. And you are killing the sharks just for fun and doesent care.





  53. This goes out to poor old Joel,

    Damn, are you retarded or what? I can not make heads or tails of what you said. It’s like the thoughts, and grammer of a two year old.

    Please get help….you will never hold a job in this society.

  54. You guys should be ashamed of yourselfs !
    im really intersted in sharks and also a kayaker hwo could u go out in to the ocean and hunt these creatures down just for fun and therefor i think you should be very ashamed of yourselvs i mean what type of shark is that nurse?

  55. Fishing for Salmon shark is legal and regulated by the Alaskan Fish and Game to two sharks per person, per year. Shark is food, and in some countries like Japan, it is considered a delicacy. If shark fishing isn’t your cup of tea, I sugest you don’t look at these photos.
    Humans do eat meat and that package of meat you buy in the store was a living cow at one time, so get over it.
    It is a shame that some people think it is their right to tell everyone else how to live.

    Nice catch!

  56. good one i just got 2 6ft bulls of p.i.n.s. we released them and to me that was the most exiting part.the fight was good but to get in the water with them to lrt go that was bad ass!!!! will go back in 2 weeks .and dont worry about people who dont have the same opinion one how life should be .if eveyone listened to everyone we would all be idiots!

  57. san diego mission bay i catch horn , shovelnose, and leopard sharks catch all using circle hooks. I only eat leapord shark and realease all others also only keep leapords between 3 and 4 feet they say smaller ones are less toxic. I also catch monster batrays 100lbers and larger and what fun it is to go on a sleyride and be pulled all over hell and back until they tire and then I cut my line and im stilll shaking when i lay down to sleep what a rush. im a sleyride junky and i dont think landing monster sharks is possible from a kayak or anything over 500lbs.

  58. For all those fish huggers shut it. The world is covered in 75% water you idiots. It’s called species control! You guys are BAMF’s! Slaughter those sharks

  59. Well i know where I’ll be planning my next to. Any fisherman who has had the experience to catch a salmon shark put up a good fight. I am so going to write this down on my bucket list!

  60. It’s interesting that as soon as you show any concern for the environment and it’s habitants you’re automatically considered a ‘tree hugger/hippie’ type.

    To the gentlemen posing in the photographs, I support anyone who hunts to feed themselves or their families, it’s obvious this was not your intention.

    It’s a shame that a predator that has withstood 400 million years is now an endangered species. THAT is a concern.

    To those of you who have posted remarks like “chill out, learn how to spell..” I guess ignorance is bliss and if you don’t have the mental capacity to wrap your heads around how this actually effects our planet then that’s a shame. I pity your stupidity.

    This is most certainly, not an acceptable way to behave.

    “Can you blame nature, if she’s had enough of us”

  61. kingsley
    July 4th, 2008
    Nice catch!

    I’m a firm believer that there’s no harm in hunting animals for the necessity of fun (within the law)!

    But they are not hunting for neccessity, they are hunting for sport. Big difference.

    As a side note over 100 million sharks are finned each year…how are we supposed to sustain a healthy population of them if there are none left.





  63. They right. That shark species will be extinct…… about a million years!!!! Now that one has been killed, there are only 4 million left and another 1000 that was born today.

  64. I’d love to take some of these City Slicker Tree Huggers into Grizzley territory[Kodiak Island[which has 1000# bears and watch them try to hug a Grizzley while being attacked for food !

  65. I think it would be hilarious if that buttlicker doing the shocka was eaten by sharks. That would make me laugh a lot. Maybe the sharks would mount his head and torso on their wall, and he could wear that shit-eating grin in perpetuity. The asian guy in the back has a face that would look really good with some teeth knocked out. The guy in the back left has a bad case of erectile dysfuntion, and should practice falling down and bleeding. The guy in the front right is and obvious pedophile. His last vacation most likely involved sexual tourism, and he secretly enjoys self flagellation.

  66. Nice job guys! Used to do that myself on the east coast of Florida. I released all of my catches. I hope you ate the ones that you killed or donated the flesh to the locals.

  67. The eco-friends have a good point. Yeah, it is lots of fun to reel in a fish like that, but what’s the point?

    Rather catch some nice big salmon or ling and have me a meal i won’t die from- also don’t have to bother with towing a dead shark to my home.

    Less Shark = more salmon. Would that be true, or no?

  68. Congrats guys on having the most popular kayak shark fishing pics on the web. To the rest of you Liberal tree hugging idiots , well you know what you can do. NOAA has set regulations on shark fishing and the Porbeagle happens to be one of 18 sharks species that can be legally retained by recreational anglers. Anglers are limited to one shark greater than 54″ fork length per day. The shark population is closely watched and sharks will be taken off the list long before the animal is endangered. Well these anglers appear to be legal so SHUT YOUR FACE!!! If you want somebody to hang go after commercial shark fisherman they are the ones doing the damage not recreational fisherman. Not only do fisherman buy permits to fish but we also pay annual dues to the Coastal Conservation Association. How have you contributed?

  69. I’m glad to read than more than half of people who posted on this article find this disgusting to say the least. Is somehow a relief to know there are not only idiots in this planet…

    For those dick heads looking for ‘fun’ time they should do the same as in the Jackass 2 movie, that is, hook yourself, jump in shark infested waters and see what happens!

  70. first off salmon sharks are good eating second of all sit on tops are the safest kayaks to FISH for all you moronic bashers do your research before you spout crap out of your mouths.

  71. Assholes.

    a shameful waist for a stupid photo op and these amimal are on the verge of extinction.

  72. The comments are so much more interesting to read than the actual article. I’m a Liberal from NY and I support this photo. Why? Because just as LoneStarTackle pointed out, its fucking legal to hunt these sharks, their population is highly regulated, and recreational anglers do much less harm than companies that make canned tuna.


    Will, you’re one stupid ass mother fucker. “a shameful waist for a stupid photo op and these amimal are on the verge of extinction” – you fucking idiot: 1) learn to spell check, 2) salmon sharks ARE NOT on the verge of extinction. LEARN TO FUCKING USE WIKIPEDIA OR GOOGLE.

    Oh my god, kayaking is all about enjoying nature in its entirety, CHRIS, ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH ON MUSHROOMS OR SOME SHIT? People go kayaking for FUN. Do you understand what FUN is? WELL, ITS SUBJECT TO EVERY PERSON’S PERSONAL FUCKING OPINIONS. Some people like to have fun by hugging trees and complaining about the injustice in the world, others have fun by snorting crack. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT WHAT KAYAKING IS “SUPPOSED TO BE”.

  73. what the hells wrong with you all big deal 2 sharks lmfao do you know how many sharks are killed every day…and how many humans are killed by sharks!!!!

  74. Nice catches.

    @ all those posting negative comments about these pics, these guys are having fun within the law, the pictures might be disturbing to you but don’t be narrow and play the conservation card.
    If you think the pics at the top of the page are bad then this photo will really freak you out, it just shows the difference between commercial and recreational


  75. Man!!! People writing on this blog are insane! I can’t believe how militant people are about saving the sharks. If you eat what you kill, I have no problem. I love reading people jumping to conclusions.

    I used to be a kayak fisherman and loved every second of it. Eat what you kill and it’s all good.

  76. let’s see some shark kill those idiots and stuff them. for all the the “brave” a- holes who called the concerned people tree huggers and soft, you are idiots, there are people who risk thier lives to LEARN about the ocean, and let me clarify, i’m no “no hunting” fanatic but unless you are going to eat the sharks afterwords why needlessley slaughter them?!

  77. Let’s see some sharks kill those idiots and stuff them. For all the the “brave” a- holes who called the concerned people tree huggers and soft, you are idiots, there are people who risk thier lives to LEARN about the ocean, and let me clarify, I’m no “no hunting” fanatic but unless you are going to eat the sharks afterwords why needlessly slaughter them?!

    (revised grammar and spelling)

  78. nice one kayak boys!

    i love your style… very Neanderthal like! i bet you ARE the MAN!

    was it really necessary to kill them?

    i hope u guys get eaten by flies!

  79. It’s scary to see how retarded some of the comments are (not to mention the original post).
    Cows and pigs are RAISED to be eaten, while sharks are fished out of their natural habitat and thus foodchain and ecosystem. Their role in the ocean foodchain is crucial and they are threatened.
    2/3 of the air we breathe come from the phytoplankton, whose existence depends on the balance of the ocean food chain. Disrupting it by wiping out sharks will threaten this balance. Human stupidity is really limitless and its ill-spirit while providing stupid excuses instead of questioning one’s behavior is even more apaling.

  80. I love Kayaking and fishing but seriously what the fuck? I’m a fishing guide in Angola, and even we are light years ahead of you monkeys. Its called catch and release, and if your realy that hungry have a fucking banana.

  81. Murdering the sharks for sport. Wow what macho men you are. Wow! Some people respect nature and others just give a hang ten sign and murder for the kodak moment. Then they demand respect as “macho” men. Give me a break. I don’t see anything but yuppie weekend warriors who lured and shot the sharks and rigged the photos as “catching them”. As a game warden, I am disgusted by their conduct.

  82. I am islander from Nauru. I am an avid scuba diver & fisherman. I often catch shark for sport & a meal. I dry it & eat it later or boil it & eat it instantly with the liver fried. I don’t have any qualms in catching & eating shark of any species. god knows how many of my forefathers were eaten by them when we were still discovering the pacific.
    I go by the slogan “eat or be eaten” & to catch a shark & live to tell the tale, good on you guys, maybe next time the table would turn. All species days are numbered go for us human as well.


    Nice catch guys! I am a kayak fisherman as well but I fish for striped bass and blue fish on the east coast of the US.

    Vegetarian is the Indian word for bad hunter! haha

  84. I’d hate to see the backgrounds of the people writing comments along the lines of “poor sharks” and what “macho” men these guys must be.

    If you have lived in a community next to the sea your whole life, and fish often you would have a different stance. Put your idiot opinions in perspective and realize that very few people would get away with catching sharks like this off a kayak. We have caught marlin & big game, bleeding all over the boat and through the water. When this happens and sharks are present, you find 300 kg+ tuna will be chomped in half before you get chance to drag in. Those sharks are bleeding through the water as a perfect burley trail, so good luck to anyone who tries this off a kayak, more than likely you will get chomped in half too.

    The Kayaker is in more danger than any species which might be going extinct – stop worrying about your poor shark numbers based on a few Kayakers, you are in the wrong forum to start harping on about these poor sharks when the food they eat is probably being commercially fished and becoming scarce and you eat that fish twice a week – who’s the real killer then?

  85. That is so wrong!!!! I know i have been scared of sharks and all, but I still find it wrong. Why do you kill them for fun. There was no reason to kill them. Gossh!! >-< I hope the next time you guys do it, the sharks bite you arm or leg off. I do not wish for death. For i believe if you die i would be sad, but i would be less sad if another shark dies.This is you guys if you dare do this again!!! It's people being eaten by sharks =-( Blehh!!! ---^--/----^/^---/---^--^----/

  86. Omg people shut up cause everyday people go shooting poor deers just for the hell of it. And really what do deers do to us …. Thats right nothing!! And about once a year you see in the news someone got bit by a shark for no reason. You go to the beach and you must be scaryed because for no reason a shark can bit you. I know god put them in this world for a reason. But he also put that hobby here for a reason. Soo people let these guy do whatever they want cause i bet you wont be able to do what they do its amazing :D

  87. My friend and I have been catching sharks for years out of kayaks. glad to know there are others like us.

  88. Leave the sharks… they are one of natures best aminals on our planet. taking away somthing that our children will never see in there lifes because of you killing them! well its truly sad. your creater gave us hearts to care for things and not to destroy. you wouldnt want some body to walk into your house and put a bullet into one of your family members. thats the same about thing you doing to our presious sharks.

    mastakes happen so quick… and when you pulling in a 1000kg shark just remember you asked for it!!!
    I got a friend that lost his leg 3yrs ago while surfing early morning. He said the first bite the Great White Bit, his leg was off… then the shark turned for him again and took is muscle on the back of his leg.
    to this day he has no hate for what the shark did to him because he was in the sharks home unwanted!

    if you shark fish, Catch And Release.
    To know that you will never see such an amimal swiming in the depths of the ocean anymore because you have killed them. does it not hurt you???
    Nothing could ever change to bring them back after they are vanished from our earth.

    enjoy the sport of Kayaking as what its ment for not taking out our most presious animals.

    Make a diffrence to our world, we only have one of these to live on!

    my kids and your kids want to still see the things that live on earth and not in books.

  89. Well flippin heck! I’ve been debating which Yak to buy. If it is stable enough to pull those babies in, I reckon a prowler will do it.

  90. “…presumably so the sharks could regroup and seek vengeance at a later date.”

    Cheese & Rice, Writer Chris – I am still laughing over that line. Bloody brilliant writing!

  91. People calling others tree huggers are complete morons. All the “tree huggers” want is respect for nature and preserving the species that are on the planet. Funny thing is, when the planet does go downhill you’ll be the ones complaining and pointing the finger…

    In concern to the article, im a marine biology student, and an avid watersports participant, own 2 kayaks and also enjoy fishing. I kill fish i will eat, sure ill go shark fishing, but why the hell do you need to kill them? Try tagging them and finding out something useful about them. Or if you must just do it for fun and release them. Cant work out why so many people are blind to the fact that animals dont have infinite numbers…

    To Clarify, i’ve nothing against fishing, but dont kill stuff that doesnt need to be…

    To the haters: Call me what you want, say what you will but some people look at the bigger picture in life and i think its a pity that ignorance clouds the rest…

  92. i agree with hazz they should not be killed if they were not even paying attention to you.

    you fucking assholes, sharks are almost extinct because of people like you. they look like they have the intention of evil but they are just misunderstood, you people shuold go to jail and this should be illegal everywhere. think about this what if you were a shark minding your own buissness and then you see some fish so you go after it and then out of nowhere you were hit in the head with a meat clever and then you were dead. how would you feel if you killed something just bacause it was hungry.

    take my opinion and next time you go shark fishing let them go and dont kill them. jerks

  93. good pics. i love to shark fish and like to eat them as well. if u dont like to look at pics of someones catch,then look at something else. there are tons of sharks out there. who gives a fuck that they killed two sharks. im going to kill the next shark i catch and stuff it for a trophy to have as a reminder of all the fun i had doing it.

  94. To all the idiot in this thread who said that there are lots of sharks left out there, your wrong. The world wide shark population has decreased by 90% in the last thirty years! 100 million sharks die each year because of brainless people such as the ones above. They probably weren’t interested in you because they don’t eat humans, hence why they were eating the fish!

    You people disgust me. Why don’t you go and educate your selves before you do things like this and make such comments. We are going to get no where in helping the environment if people continue to act as they do.

  95. You tree hugging losers. killing is fun. not to mention cutting it up and eating it!! yum.

    There is no factual evidence which supports that this species is at risk. In fact a more immediate danger to the sharks wellbeing would be the impact commercial fisheries and the degradation to natural salmon spawning systems would have on the sharks primary food source.

    Kill away boys.

  96. All of the people that are tree huggers need to get a life, you will not be in this world forever so you should have fun on it while you are here.

  97. Sad how many seriously stupid, ignorant people there are out there. Absolutely sickening to see humans behaving in such a sordid way. There is just no need for such pathetic humans in society. The world would be a better place without you.

  98. Dear whoever is so smart as to say hunting is a bad thing.

    You speak of these “endangered” species of sharks like they are predators. Well news flash, so are humans! To the dumby talking about how shark meat is poisoned, you’re quite the idiot. You can eat it just like every other fish, which also happens to have high levels of mercury. Hunting and fishing are a way of life for people and it won’t ever stop. If we as hunters and gathers did not do our duty as a predator, those 2 sharks(yes god forbid, two whole sharks, end of the world right? No) would more than likely starve to death due to lack of food. We are at the top of the food chain doing our job just as the shark does theirs. Also, that smart ass talking about waking back in the day only because they needed to; they don’t do that anymore as that was outlawed many years ago. Even me, a fifteen year old boy can find the brain capacity to scrounge that up. Anyways, those walers aren’t putting the pressure on those alaskan native fish, so these lovely fisherman are taking a whole 2 fish from the ecosystem. So before all of you numb nut liberalistic people start commenting on a fishing website, do some research. That’s all.

  99. And you, yeah Ido.

    So you’re telling me that because of people like those fisherman catching 2 to 4 sharks and keeping 2, is the reason for 100 million shark deaths A YEAR? Do the math that would be 5o,ooo,ooo fishing trips assuming everyone could actually catch as many as these professionals have done here. No dumb ass, it’s from commercial fishing which is unregulated and disrupt. Do not, I repeat do no ever try and blame us, the simple guys and gals who enjoy the outdoors just as much as anyone else could.

  100. Hey you are jerks, grab some midol and shut up. You act as if you have spoken to the sharks. “they’re misunderstood”


  102. PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)
    MMMMMMMMmmmmm, Shark sandwich, roast fillet of shark. Yup tasty stuff you have the PETA ok guys!

  103. i live in alaska and thear is no shortege off salmon sharks kill them all if the meat is bad it will make great bear bait and bear has no neurotoxin ‘methyl mercury’. Bear meat is better than any thing in your local supermarket.

  104. I can’t believe how naive people are in a world as small as ours. Let the hunter hunt and if people who know nothing of the water (fresh or salt) want to go swim’n with da fishes, then let them. This world has always been an eat or be eaten world from the beginning of time. If you think anything different then wait until we run out of natural resources and you have to fend for yourself. It’s true that taking prey unnecessarily (someone check my spelling) is an ignorant thing to do like over harvesting. People on a whole are more stupid than intelligent and that’s why we will never reach Nirvana. Someone pour a drum of oil in the ocean and photograph it. Thanks from an already dying planet. Carpediem!!!!

  105. One more thing. If you have a problem with what you see in the photo. Then maybe you should contact, what looks to be a native american, the person on the far right of the photo. Who’s probably a guide showing those yahoos how to fish modern Eskimo style. He’s just trying to make a living in order to feed his family and send his kids to college. So that they’ll be edumacated and won’t follow in his footsteps. Giddy Up!

  106. Didn’t any one read the article?????—–>>> ( later releasing two of them, presumably so the sharks could regroup and seek vengeance at a later date.)<<<—- So here we have it they caught four, but kept two. It doesn't say if they just got them out of sport or ate them, so nobody on here has the right to say that they are just killing them for the picture. They may have eaten them for all we know. Also this is why there are regulations on hunting and fishing. So not just anyone can go out and catch as many fish as they want. The conservation department has these regulations so the animals be it fish or land mammal does not go extinct, but also keeps them from getting over populated. If you don't like seeing these kinds of pictures and draw the conclusion that they are killing millions of these things everyday, then DON'T LOOK AT THEM!!! How hard is that?

  107. I myself fish and hunt and trap. I eat everything I catch and make some income on the fur from the little trapping that I do. It is highly regulated in my state and there are many laws that I have to abide by.

    I hate to add to this blog, but after seeing some of the stupid things people said on here i had to. Go eat your vegetables and your home grown beef and I will go out and catch what I can and eat it. Its a way of life where I come from.

    Its not like these guys just went out and threw a line in the water and Bam!!! they got a bite. Fishing takes a lot of knowledge and time (not to mention money), depending on what your fishing for. So if this picture is real, then to me they had every right to take the picture with a spectacular catch like that. When your dead and gone all your family will have to remember you by is your pictures.

  108. M.Sog If we listen to all the doctors today and what is/is not “healthy, we’ll have to stop eating carrots and spinach as well.
    As for the endangered species… I have many friends who fish for shark and non of us has ever caught a porbeagle. I have also spoken personally with 2 of the guys in the photo and whether you think they are capable or not shows your own ignorance and judgemental personality. How much money have you contributed to saving any wild animal? Game species or not? It is hunters and fisherman alike, even if you don’t like us, that put more money into saving creatures of all kinds, toward setting lands aside for them and making laws and regulations to ensure to the best of our ability the continuation of those species we consider “game” as well as non-game.
    I am a wild-life photographer/videographer and love the wildlife I interact with daily.

    I for one kill what I eat and eat what I kill.

  109. Awesome hope to boat something that big, just bought a kayak to get out of the surf.I’ve caught probaly 200 the last few years nothing, just small black tips and sand sharks.The only nice one was a hammer head about 5 ft thats tail cut my line shortly after i got to see it.Not this time loaded for bear or bull sharks ha. As far as the crybabys are concerned, are you vegaterians. How do you think the animal you eat looses its life, cause it aint prity. Eat sausage, they set a piece of pvc pipe on top its head and hit a button that sends an electric shock through it head, from two lil probes that stick through the plastic . Poor lil piggy falls over, if it wakes up befor its bled out its kickin and screamin right before its skin is ripped off. Its ok though, Ive never seen any of them live through the skin ripping off thing. BEAUTIFUL SHARKS guys, save some for me. Oh ya enjoy enjoy your breakfast crybaby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. I am a shark fisherman here in Florida and these pictures are not staged. If you notice the boat fender (rubber ball) in the first picture, this is how to catch a big shark, as they kill themselves trying to dive pulling that fender down. Without that as part of the rig you would never be able to pull in a shark of this size from a kayak let alone attempt to subdue it on the surface. These two were dead when they hit the surface, and the two they released were probably belly up. Still must have been a real thrill, and the jaws would make a great trophy. I know what you tree huggers are thinking about this, you may not like it but this is America where an American citizen can persue any activity that is legal as long as he does not harm or wrecklessly endanger anyone. Some would consider the sport of boxing more barbaric then this. I came to Florida from Hawaii where some of my neighbors still ate dogs. The first thing I read in the paper was a story about a man being arrested for getting his parrot drunk in a bar. Have you tree huggers ever seen a chicken farm. If you need a good animal rights cause to take up start there and leave the shark fisherman alone!

  111. I am not sure why, but something seems wrong about this since the sharks do not see the fisherman as predators; it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. If they are catching the fish for meat, and the sharks are not endangered, then I guess I would probably join them! But, I just feel like people catch sharks, say they are going to eat them, then taste them, and don’t; if you have never eaten shark, they are definitely different, and not as tasty as other big game fish. The article did concern me since sharks are being caught for sport, and the not eaten. Note: I really love the taste of shark!

  112. sigh. while it’s an interesting photo. it seems very fake that they could even hoist the dead creatures up on top of themselves and the kayaks.. and wouldnt that itself put them in danger with so many other sharks in the water?? well, other than that… why kill 2 and release 2? why not release all of them? i have no problem with fishing if you are going to eat what you catch. but if its only for sport or fun, then no creature needs to die. just throw them back. im appalled at people saying it’s “a bit of fun”. why is it just fun to kill something?? thats a sad sad way to think and be.

  113. This is disgusting. Those are mini sharks and those idiots smile like that because they killed these baby sharks? I hope next time the mother is around to chop your heads off, you guys are nothing but a piece of shit. I hope your children get eaten by a really big shark some day!!!!

  114. Why call those mini sharks, other than you know nothing about sharks. There arewere alot of sharkes that dont grow two even a fewfishing feet long .Your probably some trust fund kept pussy that has never casted a fishing pole or had a reason to want to get away every thing in life. Its alot better shoot a deer or catch a fish as long as its not waisted. If I didn’t fish and hunt I be in prison for killing someone.I guess everyone is deferent sorry if you were raised by your mother. If your dad new how you were going to turn out he would have probably shot you on the wall.

  115. Brewdog, you lower yourself to Fabola’s level by threatening violence. Not everyone who disagrees with you has a trust fund; you sound like some bitter white trash hunter. If you want to do something meaningful, why not read some more and maybe your writing would not be so bad. I am guessing you have been in prison, and will be going back. Folks like you should not have guns.

  116. Didn’t threaten violence ,you need to read slower I just meant that hunting and fishing keeps me sain. Who’s level you at calling me white trash that dick wished death on a mans children. As far as the writing these buttons are two close together. If not I would have probably just told him to learn more about sharks.

  117. Brewdog, why can’t you have a conversation without threatening someone? U r going back 2 jail for sure! :)

  118. Why would you do this? Sharks are going exstinct and your hunting them and posing with them for pictures. You should be ashamed.

  119. thaat has to be hard to catch a big shark in a little kayak that would be impossable for me to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Shame on you!!
    100 million sharks are killed each year-by longlines, by “sport” fishermen, or by a barbaric practice known as shark finning.
    They have shaped marine life in the oceans for over 400 million years and are essential to the health of the planet, and ultimately to the survival of mankind.
    Leave them alone!!

  121. People have the right to do what they want in this world, it’s sad but it’s true..


    but who are you to stnd there and tell them what theyre doing is wrong… because when i see someone litter i can’t make them pick it up…

  122. “sarah
    January 14th, 2009
    why would u do that is terbuil then a pose for a pic like how udo u live with your self knowing that you are like going to make sharks like all die then it will be all your fault!!!!!!!!!”

    Wow. Are you a troll or are you really that stupid? I hope to God you are not from America. I did have a little bit of faith left in our education system until this moment…

  123. I’ve commented on a few posts in the past, but just to se how much someone would bitch.I agree that to many sharks are uselessly killed every year ,along with elk,bear,dear,large mouth bass,walleye,pike and thousands of other species of animal and fish are killed every year by poachers. Not a hand full of guys that got tired of being bored and said lets take our kayak shark fishing and had a blast. My kayak has two seats why not come out and if you hook up and don’t shit your self or smile before you land it ill never hook another.(on purpose )

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