Art and Architecture Inspires Winnipeg Warming Huts

Skating in Winnipeg © AJ Batac

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Staying warm is always top of mind in the bitter cold of Winnipeg, Manitoba. That doesn’t mean, however, that style goes out the window. Emblematic of this are the newest warming huts designed to offer skaters a warm refuge on the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world.

This year’s winning entries in the annual design competition for warming huts succeed in both form and function and are bound to delight skaters at The Forks. Coincidentally, all of the new hut designs being rolled out this year are Canadian, including one by notable architect Etienne Gaboury

My personal favourite of the designs is NUZZLES which was created by a Toronto architectural firm and is an organic anemone-esque structure made of pool noodles.

The six new warming huts will join the existing huts from previous years that line the Red River Mutual Trail.

Check out more about this on The Forks Blog

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