Sunset Over London Aquarium

5 Alternative Ways to Explore London

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.
-Samuel Johnson

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These words are certainly true when looking at the unique and wonderful tours that have cropped up in London recently. Whether you’re a local or visitor to the big smoke, there are plenty of opportunities to discover a different side to the city, whilst soaking up its incredible culture and history.

With that, here are five ways to have an alternative experience of London …

Sunset Over London Aquarium
Sunset Over London Aquarium © Lies Thru a Lens

#1: Foto Ruta

Foto Ruta is a unique photography based tour that has something for everyone; whether you’re a hesitant beginner or expert camera user then you are sure to pick up something. Tours are run most days of the week and include expert tuition, an exploration of one of London’s creative areas, a photography pack, review of photos and a glass of wine. From £24.00 per person (More info: / e: [email protected])

#2: Jack the Ripper

Not for the faint of heart, this Jack the Ripper tour brings the story of Jack the Ripper to life with projected images and visits to his old haunts. £10.00 // 7 days a week // 7.30pm (1.45 hrs) (More info: / e: [email protected])

#3: Ghostsigns

Ever wondered where some of London’s oldest signs came from? Well if you have then this is the tour for you. A fascinating look at London’s most intriguing signage, with a focus on ‘whispers of advertising past’. £12.50 // run at least twice a week (More info: / e:

#4: Alternative London

This East London based tour will certainly show you a different side of London; showing off London’s street art, as well giving insights into the history and culture of the area. Summer 2014 sees an expansion of this company to London’s East End (see website for more details). No charge for tours however participants are invited to make a voluntary contribution (More info: / e: [email protected])

#5: Brakeaway Bike Tours

Brakeaway Bike Tour sets itself apart from other bike tours with a ‘secret tour’, including a visit to ‘Harry Potter’ inspired sites and a glimpse into London’s oldest docks. On the back of two wheels there’s no doubting you will see much more of London and its hidden gems. From £18 (More info: / e: [email protected])

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