MINI and Present 'All the Wrong Places' Contest

Travel Contest: Visiting “All the Wrong Places” and too-cute-for-the-room car maker MINI are teaming up to visit “All the Wrong Places”:

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Introducing a new series that could be our last. Vice and MINI, and maybe you, are going on unwise adventures around the world. We have a spare seat as we venture to all the wrong places.

The crew will be traveling to a whole mess of far-flung destinations, including Japan, South Africa, Peru, and Sweden. They’re opening the door for fans to enter a competition to win a spot as co-pilot for each episode. To enter the contest, simply submit an intriguing story about why you would make a great co-pilot, while traveling around the world with host, Elliott Bambrough.

For the chance to be a co-pilot, visit from now until September 18, 2011. Good luck!

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