Afghan Hijacker Found Cleaning Heathrow Airport

Airport security in Britain has come under scrutiny after a former hijacker, who was involved in the hijacking of a Boeing 767 in Afghanistan, was found working in Terminal 5.

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Nazamuddin Mohammidy was one of nine Afghans who took over the Afghan airliner in 2000. The plane was flown to Stansted, where the hijackers demanded asylum in Britain in exchange for the lives of the 160 passengers. They were given the right to remain in Britain after a stint in jail.

Police became suspicious of Mohammidy after they saw him driving around Terminal 5. When they stopped him, they were shocked to find that he works for a contractor who is entrusted with cleaning the offices at Heathrow. Mohammidy was also in breach of bail over an assault case.

Airport authorities are investigating the matter.

  1. I smell a knee-jerk, over the top regulation coming. How about, “No cleaning staff at airports!” Soon we’ll all be handed a mop on our way in, and will have scrub our way through security and onto the plane.

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