Adrenaline Rush: The Geek Sport of Speedcabling

Ethernet Cables
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Trust an IT guy to devise a new “game” that has people detangling Ethernet cables, and calling it a “sport.”

Los Angeles native, Steven Schkolne, devised the game called “speedcabling” in which contestants were given a tangled mess of eight Ethernet cables and asked to detangle them. The contestant who detangles the cables in the shortest period of time wins. To tangle the cables, Schkolne ran them through a dryer – with the connections off, of course — and managed to create a cable mess, tangled enough to use as a game prop.

The game had one more crucial detail — cables had to be able to carry a network signal after being detangled. The winner of the Geek Olympics was Los Angeles resident and web developer Mathew Howell.

The secret of Mr. Howell’s success? “You have to pull on the pieces, and really call in the element of air.” Of course you do.

These guys need to get out more.

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