Adioso: A Flight Search Engine for Travelers with Flexible Plans

With most travel search engines, you enter your departure and destination cities and travel dates, then fish through the results for the lowest price.

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Adioso takes a different, open-ended approach by allowing you to enter only your departure city and … everything else is optional. Valid search terms include:

  • Providence to Anywhere Under $900
  • New York to London in December
  • Bali to LAX

… you get the gist. The results are plotted on a timeline for a quick visualization of when the best (read: cheapest) time to fly is.

Adioso: Flexible Travel Search Engine

A glance at the above screenshot indicates that we can save a few hundred dollars by simply flying on the dates depicted at the very bottom of the chart. It’s a novel concept, particularly with travelers who are looking to “get away” but aren’t necessarily sure when … or even where.

Like many new web apps, there are bugs. But this definitely looks like the start of something promising.

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