21 Accents: Actress Fakes Her Way to Semi-Web Stardom

A twenty-one year old aspiring actress has taken a seemingly mundane knack for faking accents to instant stardom on the Net. Amy Walker’s 21 Accents video which shows her intoning a simple introduction in (wait for it) twenty-one accents including French, Irish, Italian and many more from North American has quickly gone viral.

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Judging from the hundreds of thousands of views the video has received and the thousands of comments that have been posted, Amy’s impersonation has been spot-on. She clips her words in polished Londonese and rolls her r’s like a mademoiselle.

Walker says her mimicry skills come from growing up in a musical family, and has said she’s always had a knack for picking accents from friends and coworkers. The easiest accent for her to do? British.

  1. I enjoyed your video
    I’m French, having seen made me understand that we have to show our teeth to speak an angloamerican language.
    When we speak French we don’t open our mouth this explains why it’s so difficult for us to speak in English/American/Canadian language

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