7 Unrivaled Earth Day Events Around the World

Happy Earth Day 2008!

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If you’re, well, anywhere in the world you can celebrate Earth Day today. We’ve compiled some of what promise to be the most awesome and random events to be celebrated ’round the planet.

#1: 100,000 Monks (Thailand)

By far, the coolest thing happening today for Earth Day is monks from 20,000 temples gathering at the Dhammakaya Temple in Khlong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand. Not only are 100,000 monks coming together to promote peace and environmental protection, they’re also sending 222 Buddha statues to 222 temples inSri Lanka.

#2: Wind Turbine Competition (Ontario)

High school students across Ontario who have created energy generating wind turbines will be competing to win up to $2,000 today. The competition encourages students to think creatively and become a part of the alternative energy solution.

According to the competition’s website:

Harnessing wind energy is an exciting prospect for providing solutions to our province’s energy needs. The government’s recent decision to open net metering to the general public helps make clean renewable energy more accessible to all. The objective of this competition is to promote interest for environmentally sound alternative energy solutions and foster engineering design skills.

© yoppy

#3: Paper Shred-a-thon (Connecticut)

Never heard of a shred-a-thon to celebrate Earth Day (PDF)? Neither had we. But in Avon, Connecticut you can bring your paper to shred for $5 per bag to benefit the Farmington River Watershed Association – a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and restoring the river.

Moving, Skating © mikesalibaphoto

#4: Skateboard / Longboard in Santiago (Chile)

Grab your longboard today in Santiago, Chile and join fellow longboarders from Greenskate in reducing your carbon emissions and promoting better transportation options.

#5: Low Carbon Diet (Local Cafes Across the United States)

Bon Appétit cafes, which serve many university and museum cafeterias, are offering “low carbon diet” choices on Earth Day. Even if you can’t make it to one of the participating cafes, you can find out the environmental of your meal with Bon Appétit’s low carbon diet calculator (launched today for Earth Day).

#6: 400 Green Balloons and 500 Skaters and Cyclists (Tel Aviv, Israel)

The Tel Aviv Rollers group and the Israel Bicycle Association have organized this biking, skating, dancing event in Tel Aviv. It all happens at the Stage Blub, where there will be live music and partying until 5 am.

#7: Concert with Sounds from Italy, Jamaica, Somalia, and Brazil (Rome, Italy)

The goal of this eclectic concert is to use music to engage Romans in environmental activism, and to educate them about the small steps they can take to make a positive impact on the environment. Musicians include Cesaria Evora, Vinicio Capossela, Sud Sound System, and Saba and Nidi D’Arac.

If you’re not lucky enough to be attending one of these Earth Day events, check out these calendars for something closer to home:

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