Sunset, Hawaii

5 Can’t-Miss Activities in Hawaii

Known for its beautiful sandy shores and days of endless sunshine, Hawaii boasts some of the most amazing adventures and captivating sights. From the 360 degree, top of the world views of Oahu atop one of the most famous craters in the world (Diamond Head) to awe-inspiring glances into the center of the earth via active volcanic activity on the island, a vacation to Hawaii offers a host of unique and varied activities to suit the interest of any wandering traveler or curious explorer.

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Sunset, Hawaii
Sunset, Hawaii © paul bica

But Hawaii vacations would truly be incomplete without trying your hand at these five amazing adventures.

#1: Ride into the Sunset

One of the most amazing sights that people often take for granted is the beauty of sunsets. The orange and yellow glow as it reflects on the cool ocean water turning the night sky into nature’s very own light show, I cannot possibly think of anything else that’s like it in the world. The combination of a night cruise, delicious food, and refreshing wine against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset is just the perfect way to spend an evening under the glimmering Hawaiian sky.

#2: Swim Alongside Ocean Life

Surrounded by the Pacific, Hawaii is the perfect place for you to take your next adventure beneath the ocean surface. Scuba dive and witness the wonderful colors and beauty of the Pacific coral reef and marine life. Or perhaps, a dolphin encounter or shark adventure is more your style. Regardless of your taste in underwater adventure, swimming alongside the aquatic life is definitely one not to be missed.

#3: Lava Your Walk

Perhaps more famous than our beaches are the giants on which our islands live. I am of course talking about the volcanoes! Experience the rich and unique experience of watching nature at work. Take a ride or walk through the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, home to a number of dormant volcanoes, lava beds, steam vents and craters. After this trip, you can finally boast to your friends that you had a chance to stare into the center of the earth!

#4: Take a Hike

And I mean this literally. Make your next Hawaiian adventure a hiking one. See another side of Hawaii as you hike through the rainforest and surround yourself with green foliage and the music of chirping birds from above. If you pick the right trails to hike, you might even get a chance to see the majestic waterfalls that live in the rain forest and refresh yourself with the splash of these beauties.

#5: Have Yourself a Snorkeling Adventure

Hanauma Bay is the perfect location for your next snorkeling adventure, if one is to be had. Hanauma Bay is a natural preserve where the 450 species of tropical fishes are not afraid of people. As a protected cove, it is also one of the safest places for beginner and young snorkelers. It is also famous for its abundance of Green sea turtles, since Hanauma serves as nursery ground for immature turtles. So, in addition to the beautiful colors of the sea, you might be able to swim alongside some sea turtle youngsters. If that doesn’t sound like an afternoon well spent, I’m not sure what else would.

Of course, by no means is this a comprehensive list of everything you should do in Hawaii (how could it, there’s only five things!). But this list should definitely be a list of your musts while you visit Hawaii. Many of these adventures are also in close proximity to Waikiki and many Oahu hotels and resorts, so you never have to worry about going too far out of the way from the comfort of your hotel.

Make your next adventure a Hawaiian one! Good luck!

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