5 Reasons Why I Blog

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Daniel over at TheLostGlobe.com was kind enough to tag me with the latest 5 Reasons Why I Blog meme that’s recently been passed around here, here, and here to name a few.

I’m hard pressed to pick just five, but here goes:

1. I’m passionate about anything “web”.
I’ve been in the web industry all my life – it’s the only real career I’ve ever had. I love to design, write, and travel and how better to put those three things together than to blog about the ultimate RTW trip on a site that I (ahem didn’t) design?

2. It’s the only outlet for my secret double-life as a passionate traveler!
I have many other websites, but Vagabondish.com is an island unto itself. I don’t link to it from any of my other websites as a way to remain semi-anonymous. My employer doesn’t know about it. The only people who are even aware of my RTW travel dreams are a few close family members. So I essentially have no one but my fellow travel hopefuls online with whom to share my passion.

So keep it on the down-low, OK? Shhhh …

3. I can show off the days and weeks of my life that I spend researching all things travel.
I while away an inordinate – some might say ‘unhealthy’ – amount of time reading travel blogs, books, and news websites. Why not pool all of that otherwise useless knowledge into a nice, condensed format to give something back to my readers reader (hi Mom!)?

4. To meet friends and fellow travel addicts.
I love reading blogs and forum posts by seasoned travelers and other travel-hopefuls! My hope is that our paths will one day cross in some faraway place. I’ll say, “Hey, aren’t you’re so-and-so from the infamous so-and-so blog?” To which they’ll stand, mouth agape, in absolute awe at the mere site of seeing a celebrity blogger such as myself in the real world. And we’ll laugh and banter all night, drinking cheap local beer until the sun comes up.

5. I need to supplement my short-term memory.
Maybe it’s because I sat too close to the television as a kid, but I sometimes feel like my memory ain’t as sharp as it used to be. By blogging my thoughts, travel research, and eventually my RTW trials and tribulations, I can chronicle everything in a nice neat package to ensure I don’t forget the little details that might otherwise fade with time and alcohol.

Plus, it’ll make it easier when Simon and Schuster comes knocking at my door insisting that I sign an exclusive autobiography and travel memoir deal with them.

Founding Editor
  1. Well said…I’ve found blogging to be a great outlet as well. I started it to really write for myself and a few close friends/family while I’m away. To see people returning to read my thoughts and stories, let alone comment on them, is a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great, I can really relate to all of them, I’m really getting excited about the prospects of eventually meeting a few people from the travel blogosphere eventually, the last week or so has seen an explosion in the number of acquaintances from what seems to be a fairly quickly growing community.

  3. I’m noticing some trends with these posts. We all seem to like similar things. I guess it has to do with our niche.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments, guys. I really appreciate it. Ever since I retooled the design of this blog, it’s given me a new inspiration and a kick in the arse to keep writing about what I love.

    It’s also underscored to me what a great, encouraging, and tight-knit community are travelers and world vagabonders.

    It’s exciting and surreal to think that I could someday meet many of you for the first time in a bar or hostel half-way around the globe. And I really look forward to it!

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