Twilight in Larimer Square in Denver, Colorado

4 Unique Bed & Breakfasts in Downtown Denver

Colorado boasts a long tradition of going against the grain and Denver is almost always ground zero for the state’s own counter-trends. It’s no surprise then that the city’s bed and breakfasts are anything but ordinary. From inns brazenly promising to host their guest’s elopements and weekend trysts, to the first marijuana-centric lodging in the city, here are four unique B&B accommodations in downtown Denver:

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Twilight in Larimer Square in Denver, Colorado
Twilight in Larimer Square in Denver, Colorado © Geoff Livingston

#1: The Historic Castle Marne Bed and Breakfast Inn

It’s not a “castle” in the traditional sense, but Denver’s Castle Marne B&B still offers much of the same romance, allure, and elegance. Situated in an unassuming residential neighborhood, it stands out with a rough stone façade, original balconies, striking four-story tower, and ornate stained glass windows. The 18th century-inspired interior feels like a well-adorned English manor with dark woods, classic family heirlooms, and charming antiques. Three generations of the Peiker family continue to keep the inn and sit with guests over breakfast and tea each morning for a chat.

#2: Capitol Hill Mansion

Located in downtown Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Capitol Hill Mansion sits squarely on what was once called “Millionaire’s Row”. This historic 1891 landmark was converted in 1994 to a luxurious urban inn, yet many of its classic architectural and design details remain. All of the updated guestrooms feature modern amenities, some with whirlpool tubs, gas fireplaces, wifi internet, in-room refrigerators, and private balconies. Along with breakfast each morning, guests enjoy afternoon wine service with the innkeeper and other guests.

Nightfall in City Park, Downtown Denver, Colorado
Nightfall in City Park, Downtown Denver, Colorado © mclcbooks

#3: The Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast

The city’s Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast promises to be a place where “historical architecture breathes new life” and it certainly is. Its many standard guestrooms were built in the mid to late 19th century, but now feature modern touches and whimsical accents that pay homage to that period. The walls and ceiling of the Aspen room for example are covered in a large, original mural of an alpine aspen forest. By contrast, the inn’s suites are each designed by a different local artist, each with their own unique, contemporary flair and modern amenities.

#4: Bud & Breakfast at The Adagio

With Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana, the drug has seeped into every facet of the state’s culture. Billed as “not only the first, but the premier 420-friendly lodge in the city,” Bud and Breakfast at The Adagio isn’t your typical B&B. The inn’s guestrooms feature simple, straightforward designs that are far more reserved than the other three B&Bs on this list. But that’s only because the focus is on its pot-inspired amenities like morning Wake-and-Bake sessions and daily 4:20 Happy Hour. The latter offers a communal celebration with beverages, hors d’oeuvres, and three strains of cannabis.

Denver has never shied away from the abnormal and outlandish. Fortunately, for travelers looking for something truly different, that’s evident even in Denver’s cheap hotels and unique inns and B&Bs. While booking a hotel is often just a necessary evil of traveling, these unique accommodations alone may be worth the trip to the city.

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