27 Tips Every World Traveler Should Know

Over on the “How Conor is Spending All His Money” blog, Conor’s been volunteering at a Nepalese orphanage and posts 27 essential tips that every world traveler should know.

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A few of my favorites:

#2. Should ever a boy, reading from his notebook, ask you what the word “bra” means, assume he has copied the word incorrectly. Make no attempt to explain what a bra is. (If you have double and triple checked that the word in their book is, in fact, “bra,” excuse yourself for a moment, pull the fire alarm, and leave the country.)

#23. It is ok to love dogs and still hope that lightning will strike that goddamn Doberman next door. We get it: you like to bark. We are all very afraid of you. Just give us twenty minutes to sleep. Twenty minutes, that’s all we ask.

And the best one by far:

#27. After a total of almost 12 months in Nepal over the last two years writing about children, I have conceded that I will never be able to fully impart to you how insanely cute these children are through words alone. Future entries to this blog, therefore, will consist of photos of a five week old puppy tumbling around in a pile of marshmallows, followed by an inspirational slogan, like “Love is Precious” or “The Most Precious Thing in Life is This Puppy in a Big-Ass Pile of Marshmallows.”

You can read the whole list here.

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