Ayers Rock in Urulu, Australia

10 Amazing Australian Experiences

Ayers Rock in Urulu, Australia
Ayers Rock in Urulu, Australia © Ted Wemwemwem

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After a long period of working, studying, taking care of your children, or you are just tired of having the same Monday to Monday office romance; Australia is a great choice for a vacation treat. Taking a vacation to the different places in Australia, with its stunning scenery and world class attractions will revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Here, we present our favorite Australian experiences:

#1: Shark Cage Diving in Port Lincoln

Have you ever imagined yourself face to face with a shark? All that adrenaline, excitement and wild imagination can be experienced by visiting Port Lincoln, South Australia. It is safe yet very exciting because one is locked up in a cage before being immersed in the water that is home to the killer great white sharks.

Check in to one of the cheap Adelaide hotels nearby and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime!

#2: Climb Ayers Rock

Discover the great wonder of Ayers Rock, which stands out on a wide desert plain in the very centre of Australia. You’ll get a chance to learn the rocks’ facts; for example, it is about 500 million years old and its surface rises up to 348 meters above sea level.

Experience a great tour guided by the native Aborigines, who hold this rock with great importance, and learn about their culture and the rock’s significance to their way of life.

You’ll need to fly to Darwin airport before heading south to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs, so it is a good idea to check in to one of the cheap Darwin hotels and rest overnight before making the trek.

#3: White Water Rafting on Franklin River

Named among the few, great wild rivers still in existence, the Franklin River in Tasmania is a wonder to behold. Try your hands (and nerves) at White Water Rafting on river Franklin. Picture the roaring sound of the river and the nearby hanging cliffs, which provide an amazing site to view. Visiting the river and its surrounding natural beauty present a truly breathtaking experience.

#4: Visit Australia Zoo

Get an up close look and more information about the local wildlife, with a guide at the Australia Zoo. It is home to the more than 1000 animals that are inhabitants to a vast land of beautiful surrounding. Here you will experience the fresh air and cool, yet magnificent wonder of the animals.

#5: Wine Tasting Tours in Yarra Valley

If you have an adventurous spirit and enjoy whetting your taste buds then this is a destination for you. There is a guide waiting to take you through the one hour drive tour to the East of Melbourne; to the Yarra Valley. It is home to classic wineries found in the middle of the Great Dividing Ranges that give this area a cool, grape-friendly climate.

#6: Theme Parks on the Gold Coast

Experience great heights, fast speed and the deep falls at the great Tower of Terror. Theme Parks on the Gold Coast including Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet ‘n Wild and Sea World offer a variety of getaway vacations for the whole family. See the rulers of the Australian sea – the killer sharks – along with dolphins, seals and the beautiful polar bears. In addition, you can get a 14-day feeling of what it means to be a movie superstar with the Warner Bros Movie World Super Pass!

#7: Tassiriki Ranch Horse Riding on the Beach in Byron Bay

Picture yourself on the back of a horse, riding on the beach, with the wind blowing from the waters to the shore. This is a great feeling that can only be experienced at Tassiriki Ranch in Byron Bay, New South Wales. For those with the desire to learn horseback riding, the ranch offers the perfect atmosphere for taking lessons.

#8: Camp on the Beach at Fraser Island

Watch the great waters of Fraser Island moving towards and away from the shore, the captivating sunrise and sunset.

#9: Eat Vegemite on Toast

A good Australian breakfast starts with Vegemite – a spread typically eaten with toast that’s somewhat of an (ahem) acquired taste. For first timers, it is advisable that you mix it with butter to achieve the desired taste.

#10: Whale Watching off Perth

Take part by joining the Perth locals in whale watching, along the coast of the Western Australia. Watch the great humpbacks perform their diving and jumping skills. The best season for whale watching is between September and November as this is when they migrate.

  1. Do the Uluru (Ayers Rock) tour with local Aborigines first and hopefully that’ll persuade you not to climb the rock. It’s a sacred place for them and when people die there (not uncommon) they find that particularly hard. That’s my tip!

  2. I second what Amanda said. Climbing Ayers Rock is a no-no. It’s sacred land and significant for the local Aborigines.

    Personally I would not rate the Gold Coast Theme Parks as an amazing Australian experience – there are theme parks in many place, and North America have the biggest and baddest.

    I’d suggest a leisurely drive (with stops along the way) along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Breath-taking.

  3. I’ll tritto the previous posters on Uluru – definitely wouldn’t recommend climbing it!

    I did the Dreamworld thing, and really the theme parks aren’t any more exciting than ones I’ve been to other places.

    I would think the Great Ocean Road would rank higher than a theme park! Maybe even the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb too.

  4. Same as the others…..climbing Uluru is a no no……Great Ocean Road is fabulous…..where are the Rain Forests (walking in the Daintree, climbing the lookout towers, snorkelling on The Great Barrier Reef- I agree- some of the activities above would not be high on my list…..

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