Cruise Ship in Lisbon, Portugal
Cruise Ship in Lisbon, Portugal

Top 7 Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

From immersing in the historic sites in Istanbul to exploring the streets of Barcelona, the Mediterranean region has a lot to offer to the visitors. And what better way to enjoy all these beauties than on board on a cruise ship? To help you have a great holiday adventure in the Mediterranean, we have shortlisted 7 of the top cruise destinations in the region.

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Mediterranean Cruise Destinations:

Here is the list of the 7 places in the Mediterranean where you can enjoy the luxury of a cruise ship while exploring the many beautiful places.

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Cruising the Mediterranean is incomplete without Athens. Known as the cradle of Western civilization, Athens today is a mix of modern and ancient cultures. The place is crowded with numerous monuments, historical buildings and much more. You can also enjoy the many fast-food outlets and craftsmen’s shops in the city.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona happens to be the second largest city in Spain and also the most popular destination in the country. The city is a major hub for tourists because of obvious reasons. Barcelona for long has been the Mediterranean center of passenger and commerce. The docks in the region are always packed with ships and cruises, waiting to take people for an adventure sail. One of the main attractions is the Iberian Peninsula which is famous for its rich cultural, historical and artistic offering.

Old Town harbour at night, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Old Town Harbor in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This 900-year-old city is one of the main destinations in Croatia. In the past, the city was covered by Yugoslavian during the time of the Croatian war of independence. As you stroll through the old town and the harbor, you will notice hundreds of cruise ships floating in its waters. The beautiful city also happens to be one of the UNESCO world heritage cities. After springing back to life from the past wars, the city has emerged to be one of the most popular ports in the Mediterranean region.


Istanbul is where Asia meets Europe. This is the city of sultans, mosques, treasures and crowded bazaars. This modern-day city is booming with life and culture. For a summer holiday, cruising through Istanbul could be the perfect option for you. Once in Istanbul, you can find a lot of things to keep yourself entertained. From the mouth-watering Turkish dishes to the sound of muezzins chanting, you can experience all of it in the city.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is known as the cosmopolitan city of Portugal. This could be the perfect holiday destination for many. The beauty of the place alone is enough to make you fall in love with the city. Lisbon is the perfect combination of modern life and history.

Sunset on the Lisbon Skyline (Portugal)
Sunset on the Lisbon Skyline

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the legendary destinations to visit in the world. What was founded as a farming community by the twin brothers has now emerged to be one of the most popular cities in the whole of Italy. From monuments to fancy restaurants, Rome has it all. Other than that the city also has many other surprises in store for you.

Venice, Italy

Venice is called the most beautiful city in the world and indeed it is. No matter wherever you go in the city, you are going to get mesmerized by its stunning beauty. The city’s architecture is the main point of attractions which draws thousands of visitors every year. This ancient city is no less than a fairy-tale.

So these are the best cruising destinations in the Mediterranean region. Cruising through any of these places or the best islands in the Mediterranean, is going to give you some unforgettable memories.

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