The Excellence of TOPO2’s Power System

When it comes to outdoor adventures, having a reliable power source is essential to stay connected and fully immerse ourselves in the experience. Learn why the TOPO2 teardrop camper stands out as one of the best choices because of its exceptional power system.

High-Capacity Battery

At the heart of the TOPO2’s power system lies a high-capacity battery, a true game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. Equipped with an Expion360 100 amp/hr Li P04 battery, this battery boasts an impressive energy storage capacity, providing you with sufficient power to run the mechanicals of the TOPO2 as well as charge any devices you bring along with you. If you feel like you’ll need more battery on board, you can add a second battery to your build. With either battery setup you can enjoy your adventure without constantly worries of not having enough power on board.

Solar Power Efficiency

One of the most remarkable features of TOPO2’s power system is its integration of highly efficient solar panels. The dropLeaf panels by Lightleaf Solar, a deployable, rigid carbon fiber solar panel, are designed to mount to the hatch of the TOPO2 while Lightleaf’s anchor hardware system to harness the sun’s energy and regenerate charge to the battery system, even while driving. The solar panel on the TOPO2 is paired with a zamp solar controller, giving a visible read of the charge being provided from the Solar Panel. The solar panel also ensures a continuous power supply, even in remote areas where traditional charging options may be limited or unavailable, making it possible to enjoy off the grid camping.

Versatile Charging Options

TOPO2’s power system excels in offering multiple charging options. Along with solar charging, the device can be charged using a traditional shore power outlet, allowing you to start your adventure with a full battery or hook up to any campsites that have plug-in options.

The TOPO2 comes standard with a Simarine PICO battery monitor. Helping you determine how much charge you’ll need. Located in the cabin of the TOPO2, you’ll have information readily available about how much water is on board, how much power draw you are using, as well as interior/exterior temperatures.

When it comes to selecting the perfect power system for your outdoor escapades, the TOPO2 stands tall among the competition. Its blend of high-capacity battery, efficient solar charging, fast charging technology, portability, and versatility makes it a top choice for adventurers seeking a reliable off grid trailer.

With TOPO2 by your side, you can embrace your journey with confidence, knowing that you’ll have the power you need for all your adventures.

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