Sending Money Abroad While Traveling? Here’s How Online Services Can Help

Money transfers between nations have become more digital as a result of international globalization. As a result, it has aided in the efficient operation of enterprises that operate internationally. Car keys and bank visits are no longer required when sending money overseas. Online money transfer services are available that have lower fees than the major banks, whose transactions cost an average of $40. The best methods for transferring money overseas while traveling is broken down in greater detail below.

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Ria Money Transfer

In 1987, Ria established its first shop in New York City. Customers may send money through bank branches and get it right into their accounts thanks to this feature. The advantage of utilizing this service is that there is no minimum transfer amount, and you may send money from a brick-and-mortar location or online, whatever suits you best. Additionally, there are other ways to pay, including cash, bank transfer, credit card, etc. We recommend reading an in-depth Ria Money Transfer review to find out more about the benefits this software may provide you when you need to send money online while traveling. Since Ria is a certified Extended Validation SSL, clients may feel comfortable using their credit card and bank account information on it.


Due to its simplicity and array of payment options, PayPal outperformed rival peer-to-peer money transfer apps. Money can be sent to a bank account as early as the following day after being received directly into the recipient’s account.

Another significant benefit of PayPal is that it is widely recognized as a means of payment, so recipients may use their balance to make purchases even if they don’t wish to link to a bank account.

PayPal has expensive fees for international transactions, so you should be aware of it if you decide to send money while traveling abroad. Additionally, it permits the biggest transactions with no upper limit on the total amount you may send.


It can be challenging and occasionally time-consuming to manage money across borders if you enjoy traveling and frequently find yourself waking up in one place and sleeping in another. The fees associated with repeatedly converting funds into foreign currencies can be high, and you run the risk of incurring costs that were not initially anticipated.

The banking startup Wise makes handling money in several currencies simple. Regular money transfers can also be made using the platform without first opening up a borderless bank account. The amount of time it takes to get funds on a debit card varies depending on how they are added; some are available immediately.

Western Union

One of the most popular methods of online payment is through the massive money transfer company Western Union, which has more than 500,000 agent locations across more than 200 nations and territories. You can use a bank account, credit or debit card to make payments for transfers made via online and mobile platforms. Delivery options include cash collection and bank deposits. The quickest transactions, which require bank accounts on both sides, take four to five working days.

Currencies Direct

Using Currencies Direct is an additional option for sending money abroad. Once you’ve registered, you may get real-time currency rates whenever you want. Account opening is easy, quick, and cost-free. With this software, you can send money in more than 40 different currencies to more than 120 different countries. You have two options for sending money: cards or bank transfers. The fact that it facilitates big, apparently limitless transactions and offers reasonable rates with no fees on the majority of transfers, as well as the option to track currency rates for your perfect transfer, are additional advantages of using this app.


Each spread is charged by OFX on the currency rate, making transfers more inexpensive. With it, you can obtain customer care support whenever you need it, day or night, and keep more of your money as it moves across the globe. Additionally, you may check rates, send payments, or follow transfers online or using the app, as well as send money internationally to more than 170 countries. Other advantages include cheap rates, no transfer costs, balance savings with forwarding contracts, and ease with limited orders.

An international transfer may take longer than usual based on the bank and location you’re transferring the money to. Also, remember that the next business day will be used to complete transactions that are done on the weekend, on a public holiday, or after the cut-off time. We really hope that this post was useful in helping you choose which online payment option, as a travel lover, may be the best for you to transfer money overseas.

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