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Beef empanadas are native to the Iberian culture and are commonly consumed by Latin Americans. It is also very well-loved by the United States population. The food is packed in small pocket-sized quantities and is easy to prepare. Beef empanadas is a Latin street food that can serve as a snack or a meal on the run.

In the western world, the earliest empanadas originated from Argentina. Additionally, in the United States, the 8th of April yearly has been dedicated as a National Empanada Day observed as a holiday.

Brief Description

Let me give you an insight into what empanada is and the current version available, and how rich it is. I will also highlight its history in detail shortly with the extent of the satisfaction it creates on the taste buds.

An empanada is a lot like the exquisite “American Turnover,” but its versatility is far more than that. Shaped in the form of a crescent moon, an empanada is a baked or fried pastry. First, use corn or baking flour dough to make bread and stuff it with delicious fillings according to your preference or occasion. Afterward, you may then fry or bake until it turns golden brown color to enjoy every munch.

A Summarized History of Empanadas

There are several methods of preparing empanadas with all sorts of delicious fillings and types of doughs available in Latin America. However, Spain and Galacia happen to be the origin of all these variations you may come across.

Dating back to the early 1500s, a Catalan cookery book that described Italian, Catalan, Arabian, and French meals mentioned empanadas specifically. Its first appearance occurred in Medieval Iberia during the Moorish attacks. Back then, bakers prepared empanadas in round shapes or inside dishes with rectangular forms and served them in single slice portions.

After several years, colonists from Spain took awareness of empanadas to the Philippines and Latin America. It only took a short while for the dish to become popular in their cultures. In Argentina and Buenos Aires, the mouthwatering pastry has become a fast-food staple and restaurant regulars.

Previous and Recent Empanada Fillings

Previously, back in the days when empanadas just gained popularity, fillings like onions, tuna or chicken, and bell peppers were commonly used. Currently, bakers and homemakers who love making empanadas have different choices of fillings they use.

In Tucuman, empanadas are usually fried. In Argentina, they use baking flour to make the dough, and the fillings comprise ground or cubed beef, chicken, or ham with several other preferences like olives, boiled eggs, onions, and peppers added to the mix. In Malta, they bake their empanadas, and you will find distinct approaches in the preparation process of this delicacy.

Globally, you will discover most of the time that empanadas can be prepared using any filling of your choice. You may also decide to fry or bake it according to your preference. Baked potatoes, Cheese, Vegetables, Mexican Chorizo, ham, tuna, chicken, beef, pulled pork, fruits, and lobster or crab are various additions you can try. The majority of countries worldwide use some or all of these combinations.

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