Beauty, Culture, And Adventure: Fun Things To Do On Your Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii is a really beautiful place. Being the world’s largest island chain, it is indeed a sight to behold. The amazing culture has many fascinating and admirable elements that add to how adventurous a trip to the beautiful island is. Hawaii is homely, beautiful, and extremely fun because the inhabitants are nice and homely. If you consider visiting Hawaii, there are many fun things you should do and experience before you leave. This article suggests a couple of things you could consider doing while traveling to Hawaii.

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What Fun Things Can I Do In Hawaii?

There are a lot of fun activities that will keep you entertained and engrossed during your stay in Hawaii. You could visit a lot of places and do a lot of things like:

Visit The Waikiki Beach

Located on Honolulu’s south shore, the area of Waikiki used to be a Hawaiian royal playground. Waikiki in Hawaiian means “spouting fresh waters.” The world got to know about the beautiful paradise of Waikiki when its first hotel, the Moana Surfrider, was built in 1901. Today, Waikiki is a major hotel and resort zone and has an active influx of tourists worldwide. Along Kalakaua Avenue, you can gain access to the collections of Waikiki to find world-class shopping, entertainment, dining, resorts, and other fun activities. Waikiki is renowned for its beaches, with every hotel room being practically two to three blocks away from the ocean. Fun fact about this beach, legendary Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku grew up surfing the waves of Waikiki. Along with other famous Waikiki Beach Boys, the Olympic swimming gold medalist trained visitors to surf at the turn of the century.

Visit The Hawaii National Park

Of all the Hawaii national parks, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park sits pretty at the top of the bucket list of many visitors. It is one of the must-do things, whenever you pay a visit to Hawaii! This location has fascinating geology and very active volcanoes that erupt at intervals. It also has miles of lava tubes and even ancient petroglyphs. Little wonder, this is one of the Big Island’s best activities. Only a few places in the world allow you to experience a volcano in the midst of creating land. Interestingly, this Island is the youngest amongst all of the Hawaiian Islands. However, it is the biggest of them all. This is certainly a must-have experience. On arrival, there are several spots on the drive where you can park and engage in hiking activities to get a glance at the other-worldly landscape of the park. You also get to see sulfur banks and steam vents from the banks to serve as a reminder that beneath your feet is an active caldera. If you desire a more precise and vivid experience, you should consider exploring the Thurston Lava tubes.

Attend The Lu’au Feast

The Lu’au feasts are not just to attract and entertain tourist attractions. They are done in many different ways. The biggest and most attended form is called the baby lu’au. This is done to mark a child’s first birthday. The origin behind the celebration of this tradition finds its root after the infringement of foreign diseases that infiltrated the islands. This ended up drastically declining the population of the Hawaiians. In this period, when a baby can beat the disease and survive till their first birthday, the family celebrates the baby lu’au. This custom is still highly cherished in the country, and both parents and grandparents begin to make arrangements in advance and invite everyone distantly and closely related. The number of guest lists could reach even 100 people, and there is Pupus (refers to appetizers), a buffet of local food, Hawaiian music, and games.

Dive With Manta Rays

At the north of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, there is a bay where manta rays come nightly to feed. With a wingspan of up to 18 feet, the manta ray is the largest amongst rays. This is a great adventure in Hawaii. There are local dive or snorkel operators who have put up spotlights down the floor of an ocean to attract Plankton, which are tiny organisms that are small and are invisible to the naked eye. Surprisingly, these planktons are also the main food source for manta rays; their presence attracts the rays. Snorkelers tend to hang on very large buoyant rafts on the surface, and licensed divers tend to kneel on the bottom.

Hawaii is one of the best places to travel to in the world. There is something special about the Hawaiian islands. Thanks to their incredible natural attractions, they’re not just about the beaches and water sports. You’ll love exploring the hotspots and dipping yourself in the calm Hawaiian lifestyle.

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