The Best Universities That Show Good Results Even During Distance Learning

It is not surprising why it has been hard for universities to make sure their students stay on track and demonstrate good results during the period of distance learning. To begin with, not every educational institution has the ability to organize such a complex process in a couple of days. However, lockdown restrictions have been announced pretty quickly, so there was no time to prepare. What is more, the universities need to be technologically equipped to make certain that both teachers and students have access to distance learning. Some of them even had to create online learning rules for students to be able to control the situation. The idea behind these online learning rules for elementary students was to provide them with a plan on how distance learning is going to work, as well as how they are supposed to submit their papers. Besides, teachers obviously want to make sure that students don’t resort to using affordable essay writing services when they don’t know how to complete the task. Writing these rules was aimed at helping them navigate the process of distance learning.

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Universities that have managed to show great results

Here is the list of universities that have been able to organize distance learning effectively and keep offering superb online courses for students:

  • Columbia University (12 programs that are available online in full)
  • King’s College London (25 fully online programs)
  • University of Glasgow (22 programs available online)
  • Boston University (39 fully online programs)
  • University of Edinburgh (66 fully online programs)
  • John Hopkins University (88 programs that are available online in full)

New opportunities

Obviously, it wasn’t all bad in regards to the educational system. Distance learning is a period of time when new opportunities emerge. For instance, students had to stay at home which meant having more time for writing papers rather than visiting and relying on affordable essay writing agencies. Some of them even realized that combining distance learning with their future internship/job can become possible. Both teachers and students got acquainted with new tools and apps. Acquiring new knowledge and figuring out how it all works is always an advantage.

Some students have had the time to mull over their career opportunities, as well as the future of their profession considering the current changes in the world. What it means is that most students have realized that it is possible to work and study from almost any place on the planet. The most important thing is to stay in touch and to be flexible. Strangely enough, being in lockdown and learning online have sparked a series of creative ideas. As a result, a lot of students have realized that they no longer need to consult an affordable essay writing service when they are working on an assignment even when the issue in question is rather complicated. What is more, they don’t even need to know more about affordable writing services: how to organize the content of a comparative essay. Right now, students are the ones who are able organize affordable essay writing workshops successfully.

Common challenges

However, it does not mean that students, teachers and college administrations have not faced any difficulties during this weird time. They have had to deal with tons of challenges that sometimes made distance learning almost impossible.  For some, it has been hard to organize the process, as  well as to make sure that everyone attends online classes and adheres to the rules. Some educational institutions even had to create a list of educational resources for parents to help them better understand how it is going to work. These resources for parents during distance learning have proven to be very effective. Surely, there were students who found it exceptionally difficult to focus at home. As a result, they have not managed to achieve everything they wanted in terms of academic success. Some students decided that lockdown and distance learning is a perfect opportunity for them to take a break, so they used affordable essay writing services to deal with their assignments. However, it is important to highlight that the popularity of affordable essay writing agencies has been a topical issue even before the pandemic and the universal introduction of distance learning.


Taking everything into account, the transition to distance learning has not been easy for a lot of educational institutions. Both professors and students have had to deal with the challenges of online learning. At first, teachers had no idea how to organize an online class effectively while some of the students felt so frustrated that addressing their request to an affordable essay writing service seemed like the only option. Yet, some colleges have managed to organize this process in an efficient way. As a result, the transition period was smooth, and students from these universities even managed to demonstrate excellent results even during distance learning. What this situation tells us is that it is important to adapt and to be flexible. We never know what might happen next, so it is vital to be able to do our best no matter what the circumstances are.

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