Check Out 3 of South England’s Best Adventure Travel Opportunities

Ever since I heard about Wales’ myriad of ridiculously awesome adventure travel opportunities — coasteering in particular — I’ve been over-the-moon-excited to get out there. But, there are also plenty of awesome opportunities in nearby South England for the adventurous traveler. Here are three of our favorites:

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Escape to (the *Real*) Land’s End

Land’s End amusement park may be known as a haven for family vacation fun. But the real “Land’s End” is a 20-minute walk further along the coast to Nanjizal Bay. Here, beach-lovers will find an incredible, otherworldly escape of turquoise plunge pools and “secret” sea caves waiting to be explored. There’s even a rope by which visitors can scale to hidden caverns and a secluded beach. The best part? A few miles farther lies Pedn Vounder — a stunning, pristine bay of shallow lagoons ideal for snorkeling and whiling away a day.

Channel Your Inner Tarzan at Swinley Forest

Zip-lining is all the rage these days. But, now you can take it a step further with a proper “adventure forest”. Located in the lush Swinley Forest, Go Ape Bracknell provides a variety of family-friendly activities in the heart of South England’s home counties. Rope swings, climbing lines, zip-lining, and more are all on offer. To top it all off, the company also provides a Forest Segway tour. The unique adventure opportunity allows people to take the helm behind a traditional Segway but with the added twist of a four-wheel-drive setup *through the woods*. It’s a great, semi-relaxing way to end a day swinging through the forest canopy.

Skydive Portsmouth

Of course, no adventure travel list would be complete without a skydive mention. GoSkydive is the U.K.’s only provider of first-time tandem jumps. Their outfit in Salisbury (less than an hour from Portsmouth) provides a slightly rural and totally beautiful jumping off point. On a clear day, divers can see the outline of Portsmouth Harbor, plus views to Hayling Island and Portsea Island. Southampton Water and the New Forest are also typically visible. In short: bring your camera! (Not that you need us to tell you that!)

For even more adventurous opportunities in the beautiful South of England, check out this interactive travel tool from The Dream Lodge Group!

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