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The Secret to Avoiding the Usual Headaches with Passport and Visa Applications

In light of the global pandemic, many of us haven’t thought about travel much over the last year. Well, most of us have daydreamed about it, but not actually been able to plan our next vacation. But, with vaccines slowly rolling out around the world, things feel like they’re slowly returning to normal. (I, for one, can’t wait to book a trip to Patagonia as soon I feel like it’s safe …)

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If international travel is on the horizon for you this year, it’s time to take stock of your passport situation. You probably haven’t looked at yours in a while. You do know where it is, right? Is it expiring soon? Do you need more pages? Will your upcoming trip(s) require specific visas? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, now’s the time to act.

Yes, you can take care of the applications yourself, but I’m a huge proponent of using a dedicated service to handle the legwork. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and, if you don’t properly dot your T’s or cross your I’s just the way the government likes, your application could be denied. That could cost you time, money, and — with significant enough delay — your entire trip.

Enter The company has offered expedited passport and visa application services for almost 30 years. It’s safe to say it knows a thing or three about hooking travelers up with the right documents. No matter what documentation you need, the process is simple:

Right off the bat, one huge benefit of using the service is not having to leave your house. Given the COVID-19 situation, this is a big plus. Applicants also receive a dedicated personal account manager to guide them through the process from start to finish. If there’s anything you have questions about or your application is missing a critical detail, your account manager can address that issue before it becomes a problem down the line.

Getting a new or renewed passport or visa takes time. Currently, new passport applicants can expect to wait up to 12 weeks. For an additional $60, expedited service is available through the post office to cut this time in half (around 4-6 weeks).

In contrast, customers can secure expedited passport and visa services and receive theirs in about 30 days. For an additional fee, you can even enjoy same-day service with an in-person appointment at one of 25 regional passport agencies around the United States.

In addition to new passport applications and passport renewals, the company can also assist with lost passports, child passports, getting a second passport, or changing your name on your current passport.Sure, you’ll pay a premium for their services. But, how much are your time and health worth? If you’d rather avoid the usual headaches involved with passport and visa applications and not have to leave your house amid this global pandemic, it’s a small price to pay.

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