5 Best Things to Do in Nepal

Nepal is not just a country but rather a memorable experience. It is one of the diverse countries you will find on earth. Starting with geography, this one country personifies diversity. Nepal offers varieties in geography- with the highest mountains in the world to the tropical flatlands and green lush in the mid-hills. Adding to that, countries’ cities are filled with ruins, heritage sites, temples, and thriving yet unexplored villages. There are a plethora of incredible and best things to do in Nepal for travelers. In this blog, explore some of the popular things full of fun and exciting experiences in Nepal.

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Here is the shortlist of the top five best things to do in Nepal:

Trek the Himalayas of Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an experience that you will most certainly never forget. Nepal has many impressive trails, dramatic mountain peaks, and peaceful, out-of-the-way valleys to explore in its vast countryside.

Explore the rural towns in the foothills of majestic peaks such as Manalsu, Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang. If you want to go out for about multiple days of trekking, check out the Everest Base Camp Trek, which is pretty famous one of the best treks in Nepal that offers the majestic mountain scenery.

Nepal’s most trekking trails run a series of tea houses scattered across the trekking route for reasonable prices. On a similar note, there are several off-beat-trek paths suitable for trekkers wanting to avoid crowds. Or who wants to witness the sheer beauty of the Himalayas in solitude. Generally speaking, when hiking Nepal’s remote mountain trails, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of the nearby mountains.

Deep Dive Into the Local Nepali Culture

In Nepal, it is all about the local culture. Its provinces are home to such a diverse range of customs and festivals that you’ll often feel as though you’ve stepped into another world. There is just so much about Nepalese society that leaves you scratching your head. Since most of the country’s population follows the Hindu religion, travelers who already visited India will see some similarities. Also, visitors will get to see people celebrating extravagant street carnivals honoring the legendary gods of Nepal. These street festivals are crazy, crowded, and enormous, which goes on for multiple days. Overall, the oddities that Nepali society has to share will undoubtedly leave you shaking your head in bemusement.

Go on an Exhilarating Safari Adventure

Nepal’s Chitwan national park is safari heaven. From housing endangered royal Bengal tigers to various crocodile species, there are just so many animals’ habitats to explore here. Besides, a jungle safari is a beautiful opportunity to experience nature on a grand scale. Wilderness lovers can go on healing while exciting jungle walk- also known as a nature walk. Or try a slow canoeing ride while getting to closely observe gharials swim by you. Likewise, travelers can simply try jeep safari and wander into the jungle to find deer or rhino easily grazing amongst the grassland. End the adventure-filled day with a local Tharu cultural dance arranged by the resort or lodge accommodating you. Bardia National Park would be a great add-on if travelers can’t get enough of Nepal’s assorted wilderness.

Epic Adventures Sports of Nepal

Thrill-seekers and extreme sports lovers will find Nepal an ideal place to experience spine-chilling adventures. Nepal’s physical terrain offers endless opportunities to practice all types of extreme sports such as rock climbing, wall climbing, skydiving or bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain biking, zip-lining, or white-water rafting. And these are some of the popular adventure sports in Nepal that thrill-seekers genuinely love to try on. Besides anyone wishing to experience the adrenaline rush by doing something crazy and out of the ordinary, Nepal is the perfect place to get started on. We assure you that you will absolutely love the experience after embarking on one of the activities mentioned above. It would feel rash for one second but completely rewarding the very next minute when the fear subsides.

Climb Your Peak

Several peaks ranging from 6000 to 8000 meters and above are open for climbing activities. Well, peak climbing is a challenging activity that requires physical fitness and mental determination. Therefore, not many decide to venture out for demanding activities. Regardless, it is not everyone’s cup of tea, so not everybody has to climb a peak. But for people who are looking for adrenaline-pumping activity, peak climbing is not only perfect but also the best thing to do in Nepal. The climb indeed is a challenging but absolutely doable and completely worthwhile activity. The feeling of summiting a mountain is incomparable, but the view that you get to see from the top is simply mind-blowing. Like said earlier, it is a brutal act but undeniably rewarding if done with prior solid preparation. So climb your peak for magical experience and life-changing attainment.


Aside from this impressive list of things to do in Nepal, there are just a couple other exciting things to do in Nepal. For example, one may enroll in a cooking class to learn more about Nepal’s traditional cuisines or paint complex Thanka paints. However, whatever you do in Nepal, you should expect a wonderful and fantastic experience during your time in Nepal.

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